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Detrazioni fiscali per le ristrutturazioni edili: fino a quando è possibile usufruirne?

Da diversi anni è possibile usufruire di convenienti detrazioni fiscali per le ristrutturazioni degli immobili, in particolare per le abitazioni. Con il varo della Legge Finanziaria si decide l'entità e il tipo di tali agevolazioni e ogni anno vi sono delle novità di cui il contribuente deve tenere conto. La principale preoccupazione però riguarda il rischio che il Legislatore decida di non prorogare più le detrazioni Irpef. Ecco cosa dispone la normativa in vigore. 

Ceramica Globo presents GLOBOTHIN®

After years of continuous and arduous research, the laboratory of Ceramica Globo has invented a new patented mixture named GLOBOTHIN® which enables to reduce the edge thickness, on the one hand, while providing brighter gloss and greater resistance, on the other hand.

Bathroom design: the new anti-trends!

When a client thinking of an acquisition of future house he pays much attention to a bathroom. It may seem bizarre, but this room may influence on a choice of a potential buyer, weight down the balance towards “Yes” or “No”. 

Reconstruct your bathroom using Internet

Domestic ambient should translate relaxing and hospitable atmosphere irrespective of the room it is talked about. Generally, the rooms that considered more important and thus, more cared about are a living room and a kitchen, then a bed room. 


Bathroom: the perfect place to read.

Well, there will be few people to admit that bathroom is an optimal place to read a book. By contrast, a web portal Libreriamo has conducted a poll among 1500 readers, from the age of 18 to 65 years old.

Safety for Seniors in bathroom. Tips and advices.

The statistics declares that a bathroom is the most dangerous place at home. Bathtub, shower, wc, for the majority of the people, bathroom is a place to relax, for example having a hot bath, but in fact it may transform in a place of hidden danger especially for senior people.

World’s habits to use toilet. A breviary for tourists.

The spirit of adaption, curiosity and a strong practical sense: those are characteristics of a tourist, who often during his or her movements forced to face with the cultures different from his own. But what is happening when the differences meet in a very intimate aspects of everyday life?

Ceramica Globo: 30 years of quality and design

Among the leading companies in the furniture industry for the bathrooms Ceramica Globo is distinguished by its great respect for the environment. More than three decades the company is one of the most important and appreciated in the industry as it offers products that represent a perfect blend of high quality materials and of extreme elegance design.

How to remodel an old bathroom

Wish to change and to give a new air to your bathroom? There is no need to spend big bucks renovating all sanitary and furniture buying the latest fashion design. Remodel an old bath is possible without too much cost, using just a little imagination.

Teach kids about personal hygiene

All we are know the toilet is the place where the various germs lurk. It is true referring not only to the public toilets, like those of schools and offices, but also to ones at home, that we and our children use daily. Attention dedicated to personal hygiene shouldn’t be never underestimated. It is great if kids from very small, learn few simple rules to follow when they use the bathroom!

Top ways to reduce water use

Water is always available at our disposal as much as we wish. The treasure we are not able to appreciate. Just stop for a moment and reflect. Water is an essential wealth but it is not sufficient for all.  Negligent water use is next door to blasphemy.

GamFratesi, Italian-Danish design style

Meeting point of two different cultures is one of the main elements that characterize all projects created and produced by GamFratesi studio, founded in 2006 in Copenhagen by Stine Gam in collaboration with Enrico Fratesi.

Keep your bathroom away from bad smells

Bathroom is an ambient where bad smells easily find location, the smells caused not only by the inhabitants of the house, but also by molds, non-perfect sanitary sewer system or high humidity. Therefore, to keep bathroom clean and odorous it is necessary to follow some basic rules. The first thing to do is to remove the font of foul smell, consequently, it is needed to rub off the molds from the walls, clean sewer system better and facilitate air circulation, in order to prevent humidity in the room.

Great ideas for small bathrooms

Even a small bathroom may become nice and comfy. Small bathroom may not be a cause of any inconvenience thanks  to some tricks that will help to make it visually spacious and functional and designed in small details.

Star Jones

One day I actually took the list into the bathroom and I put it up against my face and looked in the mirror? and I realized I had one of two choices, change the list or change myself. - Star Jones



Take up defense of bathroom appearance

Beauty is an important factor of the forniture design usability. Although people emphasize the importance of functionality of spaces compared to aesthetical appearance, we can't forget that beauty has its importance. Obviously, products have to be functioning and not useless in order to make positive emotions grown into people that use them. In effect, a good appearance gives always a positive impression, adds value and connects the positive experience with advantageous feeling.