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Baby-size bathroom

Around the age of 2 years, for a baby comes the inevitable moment to pass from a diaper to a potty or to wc right away. So, it is necessary to foresee number of things in order to help him or her to manage all natural needs by themselves. What is very important, in other words the first thing should parents do is to eliminate all danger that your child might meet in a bathroom and then, put some additional accessories for child’s use. If you plan to reconstruct the bathroom completely, you may install sanitary ware of roundish shape, and thus forget worries of angles that your baby may be hurt by. If you don’t have such an intention then you may find this article useful.




This zone it is necessary to provide with a ladder or a step, so a baby may climb over it safely and use a washbasin by his own. Mind if he can reach a soap, a toothbrush and a toothpaste, and keep other products in a safe place. In this case, there won’t be needed a presence of an adult always, whatever overflows will be regular. Don’t forget to put a towel within touch so a child may use it easily.


When a baby stops using a diaper it passes to a potty, but sometimes little children use WC almost right away. Naturally, it is necessary to adapt this sanitary ware to children’s needs firstly. Safe and comfortable baby toilet-seat and steps to put feet on so, a baby may feel at his ease during a process. Some toys put in nearby may help to hold a little person in play and make the time spent in a toilet less stressful and more entertaining. Toilet paper should be disposed at child’s hand distance.


Baby bathtub
Either you use a bathtub or a shower to wash your baby, there are some common  things to acquire. First of all, safety has priority! So, a non slip shower mat is a must have both in a shower and in a bathtube! Colorful stickers may help to transform even the most boring mat into unique piece of bathroom décor. Almost all children like to play in water, find a space for a bath toys so your little ones may have fun and play during a bathtime. And your baby will definitely appreciate a hanger for a personal bathrobe placed at adequate height.


Be creative! 
There are hundreds of accessories on the market made especially for children. A bit of creativity and imagination and you will create by yourself a joyful and colorful ambient where your children will feel free and easy, learning personal hygiene from day to day. Keep away from children all potentially dangerous objects: detergents, cosmetics, perfumes, personal belongings not adapted for children’s use, bathroom rags, in case they have no anti-slip surface. Make you little kids feel a part of a family, where each member has his own accessories. Exiting atmosphere of a game will help them to do well and learn naturally.


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