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Bathroom accessories & ideas

When we are thinking of renovating a bathroom, we do not just take first available accessories and that’s all done. In fact, a bathroom, being an ambient where we take care of ourselves, needs to be carefully furnished. If renovation means simple sanitary ware replacement keeping all piping line untouched, even in this situation we still may have a bathroom of interesting design. The only thing to keep in mind is the bathroom should be in line with all the rest of the house and furnished with modern and technological accessories. 

Sanitary ware
A choice of accessories for your bathroom is really impressive, from the most modern to the most technological. What should be more pleasant then on a hot summer day, or returning home after work to have refreshing shower. Classic or modern showers, with the functions integrated like aromatherapy and chromo therapy. And for complete relaxation there is a possibility install stereo system and listen to our favorite music. But, since we are not all the same, maybe someone prefers to take a relaxing bath instead of a shower. Bathtub that fills in itself at a pre-set time with the water temperature we like? Well, presently it's not just a dream. Great choice of WC and bidet may confuse. Classic or suspended, rounded or squared shape models, among hundreds of variants we will surely find what fits most to the style of our bathroom. Last but not least, there is a sink. Definitely you won’t be limited in choice either. Countertop, recessed, round, square, in short, really all kinds, and even here the possibility of having the latest generation technology available.

Style and quality
The styles with which to furnish our bathroom go hand in hand with those used throughout the rest of the house, better to stay more or less on the same line to make the environment uniform and pleasant. For example, if we have a vintage-style decor, a bathroom that is too modern would look a little odd. Do not forget the right illumination: from the most soft and delicate for a shower or a bathtub zone, to that a little stronger for other daily needs such as make-up. And how to do without a mirror, which you may find in any style, shape and colour. Another very important thing to take into consideration is the quality of materials. As all things we want our bathroom to last over time, so it is important that we choose materials of highest quality.

Useful and functional accessories
In the market there are many basic accessories to equip our bathroom in an appropriate way, and able to make it more aesthetically beautiful and above all more functional. These accessories are necessary in every bathroom, like towel racks, toilet paper roll holders, toilet brushes, toothbrush holders, soap dishes and various types of shelves that can be placed in the shower or in the bathtub. They can be found in different materials, ranging from modern steel to classic glass, and even sandstone and bamboo. You just have to decide which style fits most to our bathroom. If we are annoyed with monochromatic bathroom, as for example all white, use some colorful accessories or mosaics, which will give a burst of energy even to the most dull bathroom. If we want to stay on the classic we can opt for pastel colors or a delicate marble effect, in this case we will give a touch of elegance. For the nature lovers there are accessories in bamboo or in various types of natural stones, and finally for those who do not afraid of super modern style go for steel. Of course, mix of various styles is not forbidden, in order to create one that meets our tastes.  Let's not forget the younger ones, if they have their own bathroom, they can indulge themselves with even more particular accessories such as: flower-shaped brushes, robot or little toothbrushes, heart-shaped towel holders and cloud-shaped mirrors. Briefly speaking, funny and colorful bathroom, where learning how to take care of their personal hygiene becomes a game.

Not only design
Of course, the bathroom must be functional for everyone, especially for people with disabilities and the elderly. For them it is often necessary to adapt the bathroom with accessories created specifically for their needs, to make the ambient usable. Fixed or retractable handles to be applied in the wc-bidet area, both horizontal and vertical handrails in a shower as a must, so they may feel comfortable, easy and the same time safe. 

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