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Bathroom & Design: latest styles and trends in 2016

Incredible as it may seem, bathroom is one of the most important spaces in a house and it worth to be realized in a particular way using decorative elements of high esthetic impact and design. It is necessary to obtain an intimate and relaxing atmosphere where to take care of oneself at psychophysical level. That’s why bathroom project should be studied with great attention to details, to get a comfy space dedicated to recovery and relax. Latest trends of 2016 in furniture and bathroom design give priority to coziness and comfort  by means of pallet of restful soothing colours, innovative textures and use of natural materials. 

In fact, choice of materials is a first step in planning a bathroom, and this year reported by a great come back of wooden style and natural stone: in case if it is possible to eliminate negative effect of humidity, it is acceptable to use a parquet on the floor even in a bathroom. New trends consider a combination of textures on marble wall tiles, and those who want to be in trend using this ceramic elements should pay attention to new forms of the tiles, as for example hexagonal cut tiles, they have a remarkable esthetic effect and looking great even in non-spacious rooms. Inspired by Nature, pastel colours are leaders in bathroom design, all shades of gray are top colours in this regard.  Classic black & white combination remains unbeaten, elegancy in always in trend. 

There is huge number of ideas designers keep creating, as an example, in 2016 tropical style became a protagonist in bathroom furniture production and design. Tropical mood may be implemented in numerous variants. The name itself sends back to tropical forests and Amazonia to search for décor elements for a bathroom. “Jungle effect” may achieve using exotic plans in bathroom decoration, but here it is better to use replica plans, they give a wonderful look and meantime resistant to the temperatures and humidity and easy to take care of. Important not to exaggerate with number of plants, mainly if your bathroom is rather small. Place just some little plants in lovely flowerpots to create an tropical atmosphere. 

The other way to make a tropical style bathroom – jungle print wall-paper. To reproduce a chic ambient it is considered to install a bathtub in retro style, with small number of the pieces of furniture in a room. Accessories should be kept all in one style as well, as for example towels with tropical print or fantastic colours. In fact, there is innumerable number of ways to put tropical style into life, regardless the spaciousness of the room. Bathroom, as all other rooms in house should explicit the mood and tastes of the owner, imagination is the only limit here. Kilim rags instead of traditional bathroom mats, fancy  plates as a soap holder, crystal glass for a toothbrush. Bathroom décor made of brass goes well with tropical prints, and the same time goldish mirror frame and towel holder give a modern look. For further information and details consult Ceramica Globo for sanitary ware and bathroom furniture. 

Another important element not to forget about is illumination. It should match well the room and vary with the time of the day. In the morning right light gives energy charge, in the evening time provides peaceful atmosphere and relax. 

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