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Bathroom design: the new anti-trends!

When a client thinking of an acquisition of future house he pays much attention to a bathroom. It may seem bizarre, but this room may influence on a choice of a potential buyer, weight down the balance towards “Yes” or “No”. In fact, in a bathroom we spend quite a lot of time during the day, and it is normal to wish a small personal oasis of wellness at home, without irritating elements. Of course, an ambient one client may like, will seem terrible for another, it is impossible to satisfy everyone. But there are some designs that everyone who sees would prefer to avoid at any costs.


1.    A completely white bathroom

A problem of a bathroom in white has absolutely practical background: cleaning. White colour is a nightmare for everyone who will clean it and not only for clean freaks: white surface easily became dirty, and even a minor spot or a hair is perfectly seen on pure white surfaces, so add to your daily routine a scrutinous cleaning unlike colored bathroom. How many times a day it will need to put it in order, and every time there will be something to clean, some new imperfection will appear. If you have a bathroom in white, hurry up to combine it with another colours, or wait until a client will ask you to do it. 

2. Minimalist bathroom design

At first sight may seem practical and relaxing: this bathroom consists only of essential. Minimalist design allows to save some space and it is favorable to an order and cleanness. In reality, in everyday life, weather the owner is single or has a family, there will always be a lot of stuff to arrange, and in conditions of little spaces, the only place where to put things is the floor, so “Good bye, order”! This is without taking into account, that a bathroom with a furniture reveals a personality of an owner, regardless too ascetic style.  


3. Funky colours in a bathroom

Colours like yellow mustard, avocado or salmon are not fashionable any more in bathroom ambient: they create an atmosphere of retro, but there is a risk to make an oppressive look, instead of relaxing. Modern colour pallet based on combination of three colours, in ratio: 70% neutral colours, 20% contrast colour, and 10% a third colour to make light shadows. 


4.  A bathroom with a double washbasin unit

This idea looks very interesting, mainly for couples: double washbasin means you don’t need to wait until you partner will finish shaving or putting on a make-up. Everyone would have its own space. But in everyday life, everyone would prefer its own bathroom instead of two washbasins, and nowadays this trend becomes more and more popular. People want to have a space for personal objects, not a personal washbasin. If your bathroom is equipped with a double washbasin unit, don’t be in rush to leave it away, just add some shelves from both sides, to create some more space for personal belongings. 


5. A bathroom with subway tiles, and nickeled detales

This style is still loved by various designers, but actually the interest of people towards this trend vanished in the last years. Better to choose bigger tiles, simple or with geometric design or small mosaics. Even nickeled detailes are leaving positions now to plated gold, and even to a black colour. In other aspects, the basic structure of  design remain similar, these elements just bring a touch of modern look, that is often appreciated. 


6.  Large bathtub 

Thinking about bathroom interior, a large bathtub, a place to relax in a hot aromatic water, seems the best idea ever to create an ambient of luxury and wellness. Well, who of us have time to stay in bath for a long? Once in a month at least, and this is not taking in consideration an amount of water we waste and we pay for.   It would be more practical to install a shower cabin, and it will allow to save water, money and space in a room. 


7. Case-mirror boxes. 

This design may look perfect until we think how often it is important for a client to have much possible space for personal objects and belongings, but the same time without overloading a room with a furniture. Today, people choose open shelves, similar to those they have in a kitchen. Why not! Products for a bathroom themselves often looks wonderful, so there is no need to close them in a dark case. And for things to hide from someone’s eyes a couple of nice baskets would be enough. 


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