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Bathroom for a couple. Ideas of design and some etiquette!

Without any doubts, a bathroom is a perfect place to relax and to be sure no one will bother you this moment. Well, sometimes we would like to share the pleasant moments with our beloved ones, and not only asking to bring us a towel.

Certainly, there are people who refuse even a thought to share a bathroom with someone, even with a partner. But what if there is only one bathroom? Get used to an idea that you are not alone anyway!  No matter how is going, it is important to make compromise and respect privacy of both partners. To built a bathroom for a couple there are multiple number of ideas and etiquette, which will help to find what do you really want and meet your requirements.  
Morning is a real rush hour for a bathroom. Imagine: while one brushes teeth, the other tries to wash his face… And it’s not so pleasant to swallow a toothpaste. As all we want to come to work on time, and the best solution is to install two washing bowls instead of one, especially built-in models. They are very convenient in use, because there is also a drawers that may be used individually for personal objects. The advantage of this idea is a mirror. One big mirror for common use, or each one has its own the result remains the same, everyone has an opportunity to look in the glass without covering a view for another person: while he is shaving, she may go on with her makeup the same time. If a bathroom too small for this solution, a second mirror placed on the backside of the door may resolve an issue.

But this is not all! Having a personal mirror you may have two personal toothbrush holders! Awesome! 

When we are talking about bathtub, there are hundreds of modes how to use this relaxful piece of sanitary ware. Having a bathtub for two, a couple may enjoy romantic moments together or to share a relax that gives us a hot and perfumed water. But sometimes it is hardly possible because of faucet installed just in the center. It  makes a bit difficult to come closer to each other especially in moments of caress. Moving a faucet thirty centimeters aside, may be useful in this case and let you stay together without stress to hurt oneself. 

Another scenario is one of two eager to have a shower, another can’t wait to use a toilet.  Even if a concept of intimacy and privacy means nothing for you two, the above mentioned situation hardly may be called a pleasant one for both. Simple and the same time functional solution may be a concertina door put in the bathroom to divide an ambient and a problem does not exist anymore. 

What if you two definitely love having shower together, but your shower box it too small? No stress! There are no irresolvable problems at all! If your bathroom is rather spacious, you may easily install a shower box for a couple. Today, the choice in this field is really fantastic: chromotherapy, hydromassage, implemented stereo systems even hammam and sauna, your own home SPA! If your bathroom has limited space, there are fabulous models of shower boxes to install between two walls, they are easy to place everywhere. This could be a great solution to take an advantage of: one having a shower while the other having his privacy in a toilet, but if there is a wish to stay together there is enough space for two!

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