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Bathroom: slough bad habits off

Toothbrush should be rinsed well after every use and, preferably disinfected if necessary. Particles of food remained between bristles are the perfect environment for all types bacteria and  germs. After having an illness, the toothbrush must be definitely changed into new one. The germs may remain alive for a week and then cause illnesses and diseases even more serious. To disinfect  your toothbrush, the easiest and effective way is to plunge it into hydrogen peroxide solution for about ten minutes then rinse well with water and let it dry. 

It is necessary to keep clean toothbrush glass or toothbrush holder, and either disinfect it from time to time to prevent moulds and bacterium growth. In case of sharing a bathroom with other family members or mates, keep away toothbrushes’ bristles touch each other being in the same glass, in order not to share or interchange the microbes between them and thus, between you and your friends and family!

If you prefer to use soap bar instead of liquid, and the soap tray hasn’t a drain, it will be permanently soaked in water.  Exactly this place, warm and wet is the perfect ambient for the various bacteria growth. Remember about  it when choosing a new soap tray or better, use a liquid soap dispenser.

Wash regular your shower curtain. Being inevitably wet, shower courtain welcomes and hosts numerous types of moulds and fungus. Don’t wait until the curtain has changed its colour into black before washing it, because if it has happened you are in trouble, especially if suffering an asthma disease!  The best way to disinfect shower curtain is to wash it with bleaching detergent, it will destroy and remove colonies of microorganisms from the surface.  

All the same is for shower carpet. It is also an environment quite favorable for moulds and bacteria and it is recommended to disinfect it every two weeks. Choose a carpet easy to wash in washing machine or in a hot water with bleaching detergent. In alternative, if you poses one made of woods, clean it with disinfectant napkins.  

Almost all of us are sure, the towels are clean because we use them after having washed our hands but this is not true. Humidity that remains on the towel, causes the grows of bacteria and germs, that’s why bathroom towels must be changed at least once in a week. And, if we are not living alone, preferably to keep personal towel for everyone.  

For the same reason take care of sponges and shower brushes, clean them regularly  and change every three months. The other thing to pay attention on is a razor. Clean and dry it after every use, if you leave it wet, it may easily get rust and, bacteria like staphylococcus will start growing. And later, using this razor there is a high risk to bring an infection in case of being cut.  

Don’t forget about toilet, it should be cleaned properly every week, with an antibacterial or bleaching detergent.  The most dangerous germs go out with water drops after flushing and contaminate all around including a wash bowl. Thus, it is better to avoid putting in the bowl the combs, lip pencils, etc, all the stuff we can use in contact with mouth, face and eyes. 

Bath tube is to clean with antibacterial detergent minimum once a week, even more often if you are not the only one who uses it. The most serious danger is staphylococcus that may enter even micro wounds risking to cause more serious problems.   

The pavement in the bathroom needs clearing every week with detergents with disinfection effect.   

In the end, to avoid bad smells, spores and moulds in your bathroom, it is willing to air the room as often as possible.

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