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Bathroom: the perfect place to read.

Well, there will be few people to admit that bathroom is an optimal place to read a book. By contrast, a web portal Libreriamo has conducted a poll among 1500 readers, from the age of 18 to 65 years old.

Questionnaire survey had various questions as for example occasions to read a book, time window during a day one prefer to read, and also a place at home where to dedicate time for reading. 

The first place where to read goes to a bedroom. 67% of all interviewed confirmed they are reading only being in bed. And the second popular place to read is surprisingly a toilet, 52% of the pollees were in favour of it.

A toilet is a place where you cannot be disturbed, and obviously this is a room where you may relax reading a book, even for several minutes: at your own toilet at home you may take your time as much as you need, except mornings when all your family members are in a hurry and always counting minutes before leaving for work, school and etc.

The experts in Interior Design focus more and more attention on toilets and bathrooms, these ambient deserve to be treated as true relax zone, not only the places to visit in order to relieve our natural functions or to have a shower. 

Actually, going to a toilet, in perception of many people is a lovely pause, a moment to distress physically and mentally. And the fact that it coincides with proper natural functions should not seem very odd.

There are people who affirm that reading a good book may help ones who suffer of intestinal obstruction: while reading a person takes time as much as he needs to evacuate, without stress and a thought that you cannot make it right now, that may lead to nervousness. The same time reading is more relaxing, that is a positive moment if obstruction caused by nervosity.

The words “reading” and a “toilet” may be synonyms not only for those who care to ease oneself, but also for those who love to read having a bath

The bathtub having its “second life” nowadays. Shower remains as place a to wash oneself, but today lots of people install bathtub in order to enjoy long lasting and relaxing baths.

A balmy and delightful bath should last at least 10 or 15 minutes and to enjoy reading a book this very moment is a really good idea. 

It worth mentioning, that using various electronic devices while having a bath, may be very dangerous, especially if water contacts the electrical connection it may lead to a fatal accident. Of course this problem does not exist if you having a printed book in your hands, the only thing to take care of is to dry it up after!

As it was mentioned before, some interior designers and even ordinary people want theirs bathrooms and toilets to look some out of the ordinary, and thus they have transformed this room into a kind of mini-library, with bookshelves on the walls and other furniture to place their favourite editions on. 

Reading goes well with toilet and bathroom, and those who likes to write should keep it in mind: one of public houses in Rome in fact, have chosen to publish a books chain called Toilet, collection of mainly short stories, ideal to read in that ambient.

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