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Business and Environment, the sustainable Ceramica Globo’s manufacturing philosophy

A sustainable manufacturing philosophy of Ceramica Globo based not only on complete satisfaction of a Client, but also on respect to the Nature. Ecological ethics of the company echoes in every step of manufacturing and business management, thinking even little efforts can make difference when talking about ecology matters.

Respect to environment has always been a main idea in corporate philosophy of Ceramica Globo and has been born to satisfy two basic needs of the market. The first one is customer satisfaction, that is always interested in acquisition of eco-friendly products. The second is regarding the environment itself: Ceramica Globo is in continuous research of the ways to reduce the impact of industrial emissions on the territory, hence to minimize air and ground pollution and limit the waste of precious energy resources.

Recycled materials and products

To avoid the waste of resources and lower a pollution level derived from wastes, Ceramica Globo have chosen to use in manufacturing processes recyclable materials as for example, a glass.

Moreover, the company collects all fabrication wastes in order to reuse them again in the next manufacturing cycle, avoiding useless waste of raw materials.

All products of Ceramica Globo are created to guarantee an elevated quality level, durability and resistance and the same time the possibility to re-use those products one more time after their life cycle is over.

Care of natural resources

Water is one of the most important natural resource to take care about. In this case Ceramica Globo have an implemented system invented in company’s research lab, that allows to reuse of industrial water, that had been used in manufacturing process. This system works and helps to avoid waste of water resources and save about 10.000 liter of water per day.

A system of phytodepuration of the water, developed by company’s lab helps to neutralize a negative influence manufacturing may have on environment.

Energy saving

Concerning energy saving, here Ceramica Globo pays particular attention to optimization of energy consumption. The company using solar batteries and a system of heat recovery, produced by the baking ovens, used to dry products in following phase of production cycle.

Besides, in 2015 Ceramica Globo has built and put into operation a solar voltaic array system of 500,000 kwh annually, that ensure the coverage of 25% of entire energy requirements of the production and of the plant itself. 1,795 polycrystalline panels are able to produce clean electricity due to direct conversion of solar energy, and without polluting neither atmosphere, no soil.

A sustainable manufacturing philosophy of Ceramica Globo is an integral part of every fabrication step and management of the business. The goals of the company are clear: satisfying customers, reducing the impact of industrial processes on the nature.

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