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Ceramica Globo: 30 years of quality and design

Since 1980 the Ceramica Globo has gained a strong position compared to other companies in the sanitation sector being in tune with the times and looking to the future, so to be trendy and able to intercept requests of its customers. Exactly this way are produced showers of refined design, bathtubs, sanitary ware and washbasins of original and contemporary forms, with  character and personality.

At the same time the production of Ceramica Globo is characterized by the development of human resources, integration of skills, abilities and ideas within the team and by continuous innovation research; in this way engineering, design, materials, marketing and logistics come together to give life to reliable, elegant, high quality and technologically advanced bathroom furniture pieces. The perfect example is suspended models of Ceramica Globo sanitary ware : they are not only functional elements of the furnishing, but a real architectural structure that give an additional value to the bathroom. Washbasins and other bathroom sanitary ceramics that have shaped the history of the company and represent the focal point of the catalog are the Globo Stone, the Globo Bowl+, Genesis, Forty3 and Stockholm. Very popular collections are also Daily, Paestum and Bagni di Colore. In particular the washbasins of Ceramica Globo  are the most popular products, as they had been made of ceramics of unique design and excellent quality, crucial factors of stylish and functional bathroom, with its own character and imprint.  

Key strength of Ceramica Globo thanks to which the company meets each residential and stylistic need, are the quality of materials (often innovative), the continuous updating of production processes and attention to the environment. In fact, the company's policy has a strong ecological priority, with the aim to stand out from all the other brands in the sector and to demonstrate a clear ethical position. It involves all stages of production and logistics management, so as to gradually reduce the environmental impact. On the other hand, in response to the growing demand from consumers, Ceramica Globo produces and markets eco-friendly furniture for bathroom. In fact the raw materials used are derived from recycling of other objects: for example, the glass is obtained by recycling to 100% the material of the bottles. At the same time the scraps and products that do not meet the standards promised to the customer are recovered, ground up and used again in a process.

Company policy envisaged a reduction of energy consumption, reduction of CO2 emissions, depletion of natural resources and the use of renewable energy fonts. For example, using the industrial water in processing they save 10 thousand liters of water per day, while the use of algae for purification system allows to optimize results with zero impact.

Finally, the optimization of energy consumption is developed both through the facilities of solar panels (which ensure the annual supply of hot water) and by recovering the heat from the ovens used for burning of sanitary ware (used to ensure the high temperatures needed to subsequent application of the product). In line with the key points of Ceramica Globo it has been built and put into operation in July 2015 a solarvoltaic array system of  500,000 kwh annually 1,795 polycrystalline panels were placed on the roofs of the company's stock and ensure the coverage of of 25% of the entire energy requirements of the production and of the plant itself. This is a clean electricity produced without polluting emissions due to direct conversion of solar energy.

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