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Chromotherapy in the bathroom, ideas and helpful tricks

Chromotherapy is a type of alternative medicine that uses colors to treat various diseases. This particular type of therapy is often combined with furniture in order to obtain psycho-physical benefits even in your home. Chromotherapy is used in bathroom furnishings to get more benefits from the use of colors while relaxing during a shower or a hot bath. To be able to apply the principles of chromotherapy in the bathroom you have to install devices that spread specific colors that can rebalance and regenerate your body.

The bathroom is the ideal environment for chromotherapy
Chromotherapy is often used in the treatment of psychosomatic illnesses such as stress, anxiety and depression but also as a remedy to relieve pain and muscle spasms. This alternative medicine assigns to each color the therapeutic properties and to get an advantage of it it’s sufficient to irradiate a suitable color light on the body or on the painful area. To be able to benefit from chromotherapy even at home it is not necessary to transform your bathroom into a SPA but only a few changes are needed to renew this environment according to the rules of color theory. It is not a coincidence that the bathroom is chosen to apply the principles of chromotherapy, in fact in this environment there is also another fundamental element for the psychophysical rebalancing, water, considered by many as a symbol of life and regeneration. If you combine colors with water, the therapeutic effect will be overwhelming and the bathroom will become your oasis of well-being and relaxation.

The symbolic meaning of colors in chromotherapy
In order to get the most out of the light radiated by colors and as a consequence to treat psychosomatic illnesses or simply to improve mood, one needs to know the properties that the chromotherapy assigns the individual color. Red is the color connected to the first chakra and intellectual and physical activity is thought to stimulate, while yellow identifies vitality and cheerfulness and is often used to paint the walls of the bathroom. The green color is associated with the awakening of the body and mind, and is particularly indicated for treating psychosomatic illnesses such as insomnia, stress and anxiety. Blue has the task of relaxing the mind and the body, while purple is the color of spirituality and inner peace. Finally, orange is the color of optimism and energy, and is indicated to treat depression and stress.

How to transform the bathroom based on the principles of chromotherapy: the shower 
After understanding the symbolic meaning of colors in color therapy, it is advisable to purchase bathroom furnishings that transform this space into a wellness area worthy of a luxury SPA. On sale there are many furnishings that have accessories for chromotherapy, you just need to choose the one that best suits your wellness needs. In particular, it is preferred to install a multisensory shower with water jets and LEDs integrated into the shower head to radiate different colors. The showers equipped with accessories for chromotherapy can be programmed to vary the color and intensity of the light radiated, the temperature and to set the delivery of different jets of water. Based on the benefits to be obtained from the chromotherapy, we distinguish different shower systems that combine the revitalizing effects of colors and water jets. The invigorating and regenerating shower system has a LED with the so-called warm colors: red, yellow and orange that revitalize and energize the body and the mind; It is combined with jets of cold water that awaken the muscles. Some shower systems, on the other hand, are designed to convey a relaxing effect on the body and stabilize the mood. As a result, led showerheads radiate the colors of green and blue. The chromotherapy showers can have an integrated led system to vary the different shades of color and also an aroma diffuser to make the experience even more regenerating and relaxing.

The hydromassage bathtub for chromotherapy
As an alternative to the shower with integrated LEDs for chromotherapy, if you have enough space available you can decide to install a one or two-seat hydromassage bathtub with accessories for chromotherapy. The chromotherapy bathtub is perfect for obtaining the benefits deriving from the colors and combining them with the regenerating power of the water. The hydromassage baths feature integrated LEDs to radiate different light rays and create a space dedicated to psychophysical well-being inside the bathroom. Most chromotherapy hydromassage bathtubs have headrests to make the hot bath experience more pleasant and comfortable. Some bathtubs may also have an integrated aroma and radio diffuser that enhance mood and complete the chromotherapy experience. The hydromassage baths can be programmed with a convenient remote control to spread a specific color or set a progression of colors to create different effects: toning and regenerating, relaxing, energizing, etc.

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