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Design and Technology in Modern Bathrooms

In modern bathrooms technology and design goes hand in hand. This is confirmed by several brands on the market, so, if what you want is a smart bathroom with a visual impact, all you have to do is to choose the solution that best suits your needs. What matters is to do it with taste, keeping in mind the style of the other rooms of your home and avoiding risky combinations: it is not necessary to renounce the beauty to have a comfortable and technological home. Let's fous on the new design technologies that the market makes available to furnish a bathroom using a practical and modern style
1. Design and technology in modern bathrooms: ultrathin touch sink
The touch system is one of the most popular solutions among high-tech lovers, and the brands of furniture that offer sinks with such type of faucets are very attentive to aesthetic aspect. Home automation, by definition, offers futuristic solutions, so it is clear that the design of objects that are made for this purpose cannot be implemented in retro style. For this reason, you will not have trouble finding an ultra-thin sink if you are looking for one that acts by touching its touch screen surface. The water temperature control system is usually placed in the upper part of the tap, often it is represented by a vertical line, extremely elegant and minimal: by touching it you can switch from hot to cold water in a simple and immediate way. The touch technology of these fountains is the result of in-depth research that has involved many high-tech branches in these years - starting from one connected to the production of smartphones and tablets - so it is very precise and sensitive to touch.
Today it is possible to benefit from taps equipped with touch panels not only by purchasing state-of-the-art sinks. Many brands have in fact put on the market several models of diffusers for showers and bidet faucets that have the same technology.
2. The bathtube that everyone dreams of….really exists! 
There is nothing more relaxing than a nice hot bath at the end of a busy working day. But often it is not easy to materialize, because when we come back home, a multitude of new tasks and duties awaits us. To make life easier, more than one brand has made available a type of bath able to fill itself, at a given time, respecting your preferences: in practice you will have a piece of furniture that will not only please your eye - the brands that produce it all point to a super-modern style - but also super functional. Based on the settings you previously selected, the bathtub will fill up itself to a certain level, adjusting to the temperature you love most, just before you come home.
3. Design and technology in modern bathrooms: innovation in the shower
Showers can also be an element of design and technology in modern bathrooms. Especially if they are performed in a minimalist style, perhaps with brightly colored tiles that recall the colors used for the rest of the environment. And especially if they have highly relaxing functions, such as aromatherapy, chromotherapy and possibility to listen to music while you let yourself be carried away by a cascading water jet. Showers of this type really exist and, depending on the options they present, they may have more or less accessible prices. The quality of the product and the reputation of the brand that you will take into consideration will also make the difference. 
4. What a light can do: the comfort enclosed in a LED dimmer
Do you have any idea how much a LED dimmer can be useful during a hot bath or a relaxing shower? Seeing is believing. Design and technology in modern bathrooms find their meeting point in this small object, but able to do great things. The possibility of adjusting the color and intensity of light is already in itself something underestimated - studies published on chromotherapy and the ability of colors to influence people's mood are not few, but many people are still skeptical about this topic. Referring to this point, and a glamour of right way illuminated room for every occasion, modern technology has added another strong point: the ability to control and manage your own home illumination even remotely, thanks to some mobile applications. These apps also have a function that allows you to adjust the brightness of the room even automatically, setting the geographical coordinates of your home.
5. Design and technology in modern bathrooms: purchase guide
To combine design and technology in modern bathrooms, there are different ideas and solutions. But not all the furniture showrooms make available to the customer the latest technologies on the market. Sometimes you have to visit several sales points before finding what you need, especially when dreaming of particular bathroom. Ceramica Globo offers variety of interesting models and solutions put at your disposal on website, and which you may find available at sales point closest to your home. 
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