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Design and usability: wall mounted sanitary ware

Wall mounted toilets, as it is seen from its proper name, are the sanitary objects installed in the wall so the entire structure does not touch the floor, as it was in predecessor models.  The flush installed inside the wall structure that in fact is quite easy to frame,  brings a lot of advantages.

First of all,  if one day there is a necessity to mount a new floor pavement, this type of work will go faster and easily accessible, because of no sanitary objects on the floor surface.  The other thing, wall hung furniture prevent accumulation of water drops in the area of toilet and floor contact, thus keeps it from limescale and dirt.  Another point, the suspended structures look ideal for those, who keep an eye on high hygiene of the toilet room. Wall mounted models help to simplify cleaning, and make it faster,  because there are no any awkward curves and angles that don’t allow to clean properly. It won’t be wrong to think that wall mounted toilets help keeping absolute cleanness. 

Besides,  the wall mounted bathroom furniture elements are playing an esthetic role:  suspended structures leave the floor pavement as one unit, the same time providing a sense of spaciousness and luminosity in the room. No doubts, that wall mounted sanitary is the great idea for small rooms, and  the only fact that, suspended model turns the toilet room into more spacious, makes worth installing it in comparison to traditional floor flush models. 

Wall hung WC pans occupy less space in respect to classic bowls, and no water drain in the floor optimize the room in very effective mode, that makes those models fitting not only small size ambient, but also those, particularly narrow. The configuration of the sanitaries gives a possibility to use the area underneath according to proper needs, as for example, to place a nice carpet. 

Overall, the number of advantages of wall mounted sanitary ware is quite big as well as number of interesting ideas of its implementation. And, there is no surprise, why e-commerce shops  pays more attention to this type of sanitary ware, offering a wide range of  wall mounted models.  It is easy to imagine, that one day suspended toilets  will totally replace traditional bowls. Well, it is not to say that one who decided to equip a bathroom in classic style cannot use wall hung models. In fact, there is a lot of various types of wall mounted toilets to choose, from modern design up to Vintage.

Besides that fact, that wall mounted toilets represent a modern line in bathroom furniture, those models have appealing qualities that let them to be useful in classic design, and also other different styles, as for example Retro, accentuating its elegancy. 

From the point of view of configuration and forms, apparently there are huge number of alternate designs, from models of perfect geometry and angularity, to gentle curve lines, that usually used in modern style projects. 

Wall mounted WC is the first thing to do in order to equip your toilet or bathroom in a very attractive and the same time functional mode, whether it is new-built house or reconstructed one. The average price for wall hung sanitary ware is rather higher in respect to the bowls with traditional flush, but this fact is rationalized by its splendid esthetic and enormous advantages they are able to offer. 

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