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Floor level shower : all what you need to know

Elegant, light and spacious a floor level shower in a very short period became a must have in present days bathroom planning. Minimal or deluxe, hidden or open space floor level shower is a solution for those who looks for a functionality that stays hand by hand with exclusive and contemporary design. 

Floor level shower

Vision is a sense of all senses, is a capacity to tell immediately the impression. Visual aspect plays a very important role. The first thing our eyes are able to percept in a bathroom with seamless surface shower is a generous space to move around and very trendy look. It seems wider, especially if a shower box made of a glass panels only. The inner part looks bigger and airy like a deep breath, and stylish look accentuated by absence of steps and angles, typical for old school shower cases.  
The image of a floor level shower itself gives particular mood. This is nothing than a uniform surface, a floor prolongation interrupted by a water spout. Outdated shower cases are to be eliminated in favor of easy, barrier-free designed flush-to-floor shower, creating an atmosphere of glamour in entire bathroom, a mean to unite beauty and practical use. 

Floor level showers are presented in numerous variants. It may be took the same as a floor and, thus, enhance a feeling of continuity, or to be used as an instrument to accentuate diversity. A contrast colour or mosaic, the surface made of stone or pebbles, there are numberless solutions of implementation and design. 

Installations and materials of floor level showers. 

White or coloured ceramics, glass, wood or other innovative solutions: floor level shower uses the same materials we are used to see in a traditional shower pictures. Installation is the difference. The first thing to keep in mind thinking of an appropriate variant is a space. Geometry of a shower space should be figured precisely.  

The second perplexity is a water flush. Who has never seen an overflow in an own bathroom? You have nothing to be preoccupied of when installation is performed by professionals, who know how to calculate necessary floor inclination. Much attention to pay is isolation, in case of negligence it may cause problematic water infiltrations. If there is no way to build a modern floor level shower, the alternative may be ultra thin shower tray, but it has minor weak points against flush-to-floor system:  finite personalization and no seamless floor line. 

Another important element is a water flush. There are three possible variants of  water drainage systems. 
• Classic central floor drain
• Floor drains across perimeter  
• Shower drain cannels

The system of shower cannels is mostly used because of its practical benefits and modern look. Often made of inox steel, discharge canals have various length and design, and that is more important they have integrated traps and filters, to catch dirt and hair, that is simple to wash and clean. 

Advantages of floor level shower 

The first advantage is a strong aesthetic impact, especially in combination with crystal panels. Nothing more is needed here to feel like in a best SPA  the same time  being in intimate atmosphere of own bathroom. 

Floor level showers are flexible,  able to enlarge a space, they may be installed in spacious rooms also. The only thing you need is to ask for a professional project or consultation and in few weeks you’ll enjoy the latest trend of modern bathroom design.  

Floor level showers are easy to clean, high hygienic level is obtained thanks to floor integrated system. Barrier-free access is one of fundamental advantages in case of  elderly or disabled or injured people presence. 

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