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Great ideas for small bathrooms

Some companies from the sphere of bathroom furnishing production have re-dimensioned theirs ideas and designers plunged into finding solutions that may be useful for the customers who have lack of square meters. 

To furnish a non–spacious room does not mean eliminate something or forget about esthetics, it’s important to calculate precisely every centimeter, take into account niches and recessions and final result will be a welcome surprise. The perception of the space depends on the colour of the room, it should be effected in light tinges in all height that gives a feeling of luminous and wide open area. Thus, the wall mounted sanitary wear and furniture will help to use every centimeter of room space and make a bathroom looking like little home SPA zone.

When we are talking about sanitary wear, here it is important to note, that famous brands have collections with dimensions a little bit smaller and suitable for tiny bathrooms. A special mention goes to our collection Forty3, realized for small spaces.

Special attention to illumination 

It may seem odd, but illumination plays very important role in arrangement of the bathroom. Usual selling light installed in the middle is not considerable when the room space is quite restricted. Preferably to use lamps at the angles or small abat-jours in combination with incense candles. Down low lights make the room visually more spacious, warm and cosy. The one thing to avoid using in a bathroom is neon lights, that bring a feeling of cold; surely bathroom needs warm lighting.

Very practical solution is a mirror with lamps on the sides installed above a sink. It gives another light souse and the same time very convenient for everyday use. Another quite famous trick that helps visually expand the room to put up more than one mirror. If there any niche, it is ideally to put in some things with reflective surface, and it will bring additional illumination, space and modern look.

Also, implementation of transparent materials, for example in shower cabins, make it look roomy and wider. The same rule is for tiles. They should be delicate and pale in colour and big in size.

How to avoid overloading

To make bathroom feel clear and spacious it is necessary to arrange things in a way, they won’t  catch the eye. Vanity shelves and units and various designs of drawers will save a lot of space for towels, personal care items, toothbrushes, etc, and keep a bathroom in a perfect order. The order in a bathroom brings an extra feeling of spacious area.

Little flowerpot at the mirror will make bathroom look vividly and comfy. 

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