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How to get the most of natural and artificial lighting in a bathroom

One of the things that is very important in home interior design is illumination. The bathroom is one of the most difficult environments to light both because of type of lights to choose and because of its position in a house. It should also be noted that the bathroom can have natural lighting that if possible, must be used to its full potential.


The natural lighting in a bathroom

Good natural lighting is something that should not be underestimated especially in a bathroom. The light of the sun and the light in general, in fact, have beneficial effects on the psychological well-being of individuals, in addition, taking advantage of natural light allows you to consume less energy and, as the result have a lower electricity bill.

The correct lighting of the various rooms of the house is defined by current legislation on the subject that identifies the correct lightning ratio. It is concluded in ratio of the surface of the windows in a room to that of the floor. In particular, the size of the windows should be not less than 10 - 12% compared to the floor.

If you are planning a new house or renovating one that already exists, think of building larger windows to allow more light to enter.

Another thing to consider in bathroom lighting issue is which time of the day we use it more. This is because sunlight enters a room at different times of the day depended on its location. Those who usually spend more time in a bathroom in the morning hours should choose a  bathroom location to the east. A location to the west is preferable, however, when bathroom mostly used from 12 o'clock.

Another tip to take advantage of natural light in the bathroom is to choose a lining and flooring of light colors. This rule also applies to the furniture. The white and cream colours, for example, are perfect for the bathroom environment because, in addition to giving a clean and fresh look, they allow you to lighten the whole area even without using artificial light

Finally, curtains should not be left aside. In the market there are many fabrics that are able to leave the sun out. These, however, are best suited in environments where a dim light can give a sense of relaxation, like the bedrooms. For the bathroom area it would be better to prefer light but opaque fabrics that also give a sense of freshness to the environment.


The artificial lighting in a bathroom

Although the bathroom may have good natural light, it should not be forgotten that artificial light is always a must. Before choosing the light bulb it is important to understand where to place the lights. The element of the bathroom that should have an excellent lighting is represented by the mirror that is usually placed above the sink. In this case, the light must be as functional as possible so it must be positioned frontally and have a good diffusion. Some mirrors of Ceramica Globo, are complete with a LED backlight able to guarantee all the features of functionality provided.

Very often the light placed in the mirror is not sufficient to illuminate the entire room. In this case it is good to apply suitable lighting above sanitary ware. This type of lighting should not be particularly strong because, in case of night use, it will be the one most frequently switched on.

Another idea is to have different switchers for different bathroom zones This will allow to illuminate only the area you need.

Furthermore, a special device, like dimmer might be applied, in order to adjust the light intensity.

Once the position of the various light spots has been defined, it is time to decide the appropriate color. The first rule is to use different gradations for the light of the mirror and  general illumination of the room. The first must have a shade tending to neutral white to avoid changes in skin colour. For other, however, a light tending to warm white should be preferred


Natural and artificial lighting: common rules

As you can easily guess, the bathroom should be lit by both natural and artificial light. For this reason there are some common rules that must be followed and that are valid in a universal way.

The mirror must always be illuminated, so it is good to place it near the window. In this way it will be possible to enjoy the natural light that together with artificial light positioned above the mirror.

A second advice is to avoid excessive lighting because, a bathroom too light, is likely to appear inhospitable and cold. If the bathroom is placed to the south it will have a constant lighting throughout the day so, in this case, it is good to choose curtains that do not hinder the entry of the light but on the other hand do not allow the heat to enter.

Finally, it is good to know that the light may seem different depending on the color tones that we choose for the room. A furniture that is too dark can make a perfectly lit bathroom look bleak and unclean.


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