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How to give a fresh and modern look to your bathroom

If the only need is simply renew the walls to give a new look, it won’t take much thanks to a wide range of materials and colours at your disposal. It is more preferably to choose light tints if you are an owner of quite small toilet, thus it will help to bring more light and make a room look more spacious and fresh. It is recommended to play a little with decorative elements, but to avoid those very massy in order not to overload the complete look. It is always better to go for  monochrome colours, that will match with pavement and interior items. 

On the other hand, it is possible to renew a floor using appropriate resin materials directly on the old tile’s surface. Just choose a material according to your own tastes and follow your creativity level.  But keep in mind,  it should be functional, ‘cause this is indispensable condition for  assembling and everyday cleaning. In case of changes in any horizontal faces, bathroom furniture manufactures propose a lot of practical solutions of mosaic, porcelain tile, stone and even wood. 

Generally, the list of solutions that may help to transform your bathroom into a modern and refined looking ambient is endless.  Pure lines and perfect minimalistic geometry determinates the room, giving an atmosphere of harmony and pleasure. As an example, roll in showers with temperate glass door, wall mounted sinks and bowls, vertical furniture that help to gain some extra space. In fact, there are many ways to find your own style, that responds your needs and tastes. White colour, remains the mostly used for sanitary ware but as an alternative one may choose dark colours, like black or gray if the bathroom is rather large. Actual design imposes upon clear accurate lines to combine with natural warm tones, for example, wood. 

To create a unique ambient in all senses, it is not only renew the furniture but also to work on  illumination. If possible, it should be both direct and diffuse, ideally to use adjustable lamps and place them near the mirror, in order to provide maximum visibility through direct  light beam. Or, one source of light disposed in the center of the selling to obtain diffused light that ensures relaxing atmosphere. 

Special series of furniture are projected in order to combine usability and esthetics in every single detail. One of the elements that emphasize the modern style of the bathroom is a mirror.  Different models propose integrated illumination systems, to present a maximum comfort. 

Drawers, wall mounted furniture, metal towel holders offer the possibility to make use of the space of your bathroom or a toilet. Relax and revitalizing should be the main heroes of the most important room in your house. For this very purpose there are numerous features have been invented  especially for  new sensual experience, like a simple shower cabin but with chromo therapy, steam and hydro massage options.

Those small details provide an opportunity to liberate from stress and frenetic paces of everyday life, gifting a moment dedicated to a person itself. In conclusion, when there is a room to install a bath don’t refuse this idea. A bath may become a true element of décor, transforming a place into oasis of peace and rest. 

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