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How to place a mirror correctly in a bathroom

Among different accessories of the bathroom, probably a mirror is the one that meets the eye every time entering the room. Looking at the mirror when getting ready to go to work or to school, we are looking at the mirror during a day to refresh make up and again looking at the mirror to make hair before going out.

Above all practical and functional characteristics, a mirror itself is an element of décor and design, offering a wide variety of forms and dimensions according to bathroom’s characteristics, as illumination, furnishing etc. To be sure that a mirror will suit to bathroom interior, from aesthetic or functional points of view, it is important to know some basic rules that will permit you to make a profit of this element of bathroom décor. The rules that consider to match the mirror dimensions and room’s spaciousness, correct placement of the mirror or even mirrors in some cases. 

In major number of cases, a mirror is hang above the washing bowl. Here the priority is to choose a mirror that would combine either with dimensions of the washing bowl itself or with its style. Those ones who would like to furnish a bathroom in classic style, should take a mirror that will reflect the same trend. For lovers of wooden furniture, a mirror with an engaged frame may balance total look of the bathroom. 

Besides aesthetical aspect, it is important not to forget about height of where the mirror should be placed. Obviously, the height is depend on the height of the people who will use this mirror. It is necessary to hang a mirror in a most comfy way for all its users, both tall and small. For this reason, a mirror placed above the washing bowls should have dimensions that would permit the tallest person to feel comfortable looking into it, without bending to see its own image. Concerning the width, here the rules tell that a mirror shouldn’t be wider than a washing bowl. Of course there may be some exceptions to this rule, but only if they do not cause an evident disharmony and aesthetically appropriate. 

A mirror of an oval or a round shape is a very particular choice regarding a bathroom, but it may be a perfectly used in a bathroom where sanitary ware and furniture have rounded and smooth lines, round mirror will play them up better. 

For those who is not searching only for an order and aesthetics look, but a harmony in a bathroom ambient, might be useful to know some simple rules of antique philosophy feng-shui about using mirrors. Among those rules the basic one is to avoid hanging a mirror on the door. In fact, ancient Chinese so-called interior designers do not recommend this commonly used variant. Naturally, feng-shui as a learning promotes rules to ameliorate harmony and energy flows in the room, so nothing is strictly prohibited.

In small bathrooms, a mirror on the door may help it look bigger, at least optically, and to augment light. In this case, a mirror on the door is a welcomed. 

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