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How to remodel an old bathroom

The starting point is how does your bathroom look: the walls have tiles or just simply painted? In the first case you can give a touch of liveliness in more to the wall using adhesive,  available at any home improvement store or hobby shops, which you can put on a few tiles personalizing the walls in any way you like.

If you want to accentuate an atmosphere linked more to the tradition you may use stickers with classic embroidery or simply with a sandy color that may recall the warm colors of a classic style.

The same ideas are true with the second case, if you have painted walls you may repaint them beige or light brown to evoke a feeling of naturalism, correlated with wooden furnishings.

The color and finish of the walls are important in order to give a different air to your bathroom: this is the background to all the furniture.

However, in case you have a bathroom that you show a little too "vintage" and want to make it more modern you might opt to coat the tiles with a special adhesive paper, shiny and of bright colours.  But, if you have to paint over the white walls in order to refresh them, you can use a paint that strike the eye at first glance.

The peculiarity of the style that is close to the tastes of today's society lies in the contrast: refined aesthetics composed of well-defined colors can culminate in a bath with colored walls in a different way, alternating bright colors like pink to black, green or white.

When given an air of renewal to the walls, you can focus on the details that give value to the overall appearance of the bathroom.
The furnishings such as curtains and carpets will have a crucial role to give character to the room.

If you prefer to give a touch of classicism to your bathroom, these accessories can be combined perfectly with dark colors like orange or green water. Everything depends on the furniture: a mirror or wall drawer of vintage colors tones they will increase the feeling of yesteryear room.

In a bathroom that expresses the concept of beautiful and modern, instead of sober and veiled, the curtains and carpets that recall the color of a wall (if you have used the two-color) will create a perfect combination of different elements, creating a unique visual impact and original.

Another aspect to consider when you want to remodel your old bathroom is the lightingA chandelier hanging will give the right idea of traditional elegance. Soft lighting, warm, will be the natural consequence of an environment that wants to convey simplicity and hospitality typical of the rooms of domestic hearths of the past.

On the contrary the parameters related to the modern design require us light: in a bath with a minimal cut, the essential is the nodal center from which everything must start the surrounding decor. Wall lamps, with white light, will give the ideal brightness to your bathroom.

And as the shine in this case should not be missing, the LED lamps around the mirror will be the optimal response to see a beautiful and sober bathroom, where the light is on and spreads of visual contrasts that make the picture together refined and designed.

Details such as soap dishes, towel racks, hangers might be imperceptible, but fundamental to give harmony to the entire look. Always in harmony with the chosen style, we will see these simple and functional accessories in a classic bathroom, linear and refined into up - to- date.

Accentuating all the components we may change without having started a true work of restructuring that could become too greedy and cumbersome, it is thus possible to remodel old bathroom in an original and new, depending on the parameters related to its subjectivity.


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