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How to use colours in bathroom

Right choice of a colour in a bathroom is essential for an ambient of wellness and design. There is a great number of solutions for any taste and budget. Painting the walls into light colours brings harmony to an ambient and inspiration to entire home. As an alternative, it is possible to rely on a style, elegant or modern choosing all shadows of gray in combination with neutral colours. It is important to keep in mind that colour may transform the perception of a bathroom. For this reason, painting the walls is the most reasonable variant to prefer. It is fast and easy and economic way to remodel an ambient, to breathe new life into it. Often, one wall is painted in a bright vivid tint, as for example red or purple, when the other walls remain white or in neutral colours in order not to exaggerate with colour value. 

Someone may prefer innovative ways to refresh a bathroom, and get a wonderful result after all.  For example, use printed curtains or a chair with floral print furniture stuff to make a bathroom more interesting and individual. Colorful bathroom is a trend today and it may be realized in innumerous tints and shadows, even in metallic tones (silver and copper) or in various mosaics, luminous as a rainbow. The same time, accessories should be combined with dominant colour to valorize a volume and piece the elements together.
If you want to create a sophisticated mix you may combine classic accessories and sanitary ware with an element of vivid bright colour. A washing bowl built in into a stone console allows to compose an attractive Art Deco style, complemented with chromated accessories fixed to the wall.  Composition will look more lively if the walls are painted into spring-yellow colour. To establish a romantic look in a rustic style house, the best choice is a combination of neutral colours and floral prints, in order to create a simple but the same time refined ambient. Here, it is advised to use curtains of rose, lilac or sky blue hues. Important: use a detail of vivid bright colour that immediately hits the eye!  For example, composition of rough furniture and accessories mix, while the washing bowl remain luminous and catches the eye with its colour. 

To make an elegant colorful bathroom it is often used a method of combinations on the contrasts: in such a manner splendid chromatic effects may be achieved. As an example, some ceramic used in a shower cabin, and the rest of the bathroom covered with contrast colour ceramic tiles. This trick transforms a bathroom into an elegant, modern looking room. 

To create a lovely look in a shower cabin it is recommended to use red colour tiles, that add a colorful tone to internal part of the cabin. Better use porcelain stoneware, because it is more resistant, more durable, it is easy to clean and it is available in many textures, colours and tones.
Let your creativity go out! Use innovative but easy solutions to bring to life. One of the easiest techniques to make a colorful bathroom in respond to own needs and desires is to décor white walls with a stencil. It would be enough to buy stencil at the bookshop or make it by yourself, and you are ready to put decorative imprints on the walls in any colour you prefer. Make your ambient cosy and relaxing in a playful and uncommon way! Pure white wall is an ideal canvas to paint on, to give an ambient a feeling of space and light, that will reflect in all house. To make a composition moving it is recommended to place a colour spots in unexpected places, like inside a showed cabin or the selling. 
To avoid your bathroom to be a simply sterile white, another idea how to make it look gorgeous is to use fashionable wallpaper. The print may be different: inspired by nature or trendy geometrical design. The choice depends on the style of entire house where you live because bathroom should be in line with other rooms. Wallpaper is a perfect way to give a touch of a luxury to an ambient. The only thing to be mentioned about wallpapers, choose those ones designed for the bathroom, they hardly may be damaged with water. 

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