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Illumination in a bathroom: useful tips.

We look at the bathroom not only as a public place, but also like a place to relax in the end of the stressful working day. Consequently, illumination plays significant role in creating an atmosphere of relax and comfort, inspiring to dedicate time to oneself. 

In practice, illumination carries number of functions: for this reason, various types of lights may be implemented in the bathroom, highlighting every angle of the room. First of all, keep in mind that  bathroom is not that space to install dazzle lights or in opposite, dull lights.  In the first variant, the room will look “cold” and non-hospitable, the other variant it will not permit to make use of it.    An ideal solution would be different levels of illumination, each of them should operated separately.

To efficiently illuminate the bathroom, the light should be diffused uniformly.  In general the choice is between ceiling and suspended models or recessed lighting fixtures. Or combine them both. General light provided by the main lamp should be efficient to light up all the room space in daily use.  In the bathrooms with low ceiling more practical would be to install a variation of a doom lamp. Both suspended lamps and floor models, might be used in the ambient with a high ceiling, for the low ceilings they may result too bulky.

Rather than that, it is risky in case of water splashes. In both cases, artificial souses of illumination should be projected in respect of a daylight. Obviously, if the bathroom has no window or other daylight font, the necessity of artificial light is constant. In those cases, it is advisable to use illumination systems with pleasant and restful lights.

The number of spot lights depends on the dimensions of the bathroom itself, but there are some  zones that cannot be missed:  it is a mirror, a washbowl and a shower or a bath. In the latter case you can install a regulator to manage the intensity to suit your needs and relaxation to be obtained. The washing bowl is the object to illuminate better than others, preferably directing the light on the mirror. Also keep in mind that a single source of light from above does not illuminate perfectly and, in the contrary, creates annoying shadows. The lights can be placed around or above the mirror or you can opt for a mirror with built-in light. Another valid alternative is represented by minimal lighting systems, specially designed to be applied above the mirrors. Much appreciated are the LED lights because they are not affected by moisture, they will not overheat and create a cozy atmosphere, perhaps by adopting bulbs of various colors.

Finally it is recalled that the lighting in the bathroom should respond to the safety standards and to the furnishing: in fact the presence of water and the possibility it may come into a contact with the electrical equipment necessitates the adoption of lighting systems with an IP (degree of protection from water) higher than those used in the other home environments. In addition, because the bathroom is a place for relaxation, often there are light spots that have nothing to do with the ordinary lighting. It is the atmosphere of lights, whose job is to make the bathroom a unique, personal, relaxing and truly welcoming: creating chiaroscuro or highlighting the furnishings and walls. This function is performed particularly effectively in the modern bathrooms, where little used materials in interior design classic such as metal, wood and polished stone: the exaltation of detail is done properly directing the beam of light. At the same time it manages to create a harmonious and pleasant environment.


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