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Interview with LeonardoTV during Cersaie 2017

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Giogio Tartaro:  - Andrea, Ceramica Globo it' a brand that tells a story, a lot of designers have collaborated with you, today we are talking about new comings of 2017. Let’s make a short overview, if it is possible, what do you present this year? 

Andrea Galinucci: - This year we tryed to separate the technical from the design part, so we try to explain in all products, which technical points we improved.  We have patented a special paint, that we called  Ceraslide, this is a paint that guarantees more cleanness and a longer life, we have patented also another addiction in paint, we called Bataform, that has antibacterial properties, and also we have worked on water saving issue, so that now our water closet tanks have 3 liters discharge. 

Giogio Tartaro: - One question about tendencies. What I saw here at Cesarie was a trend to reduce thicknesses, and for years this trend has been followed,  and obviously there are ideas of realization... hidden reinforcements... What about this innovation?

Andrea Galinucci: -  We have worked on it too. We have worked on a special material, that would let us to reduce a thickness, so we have presented 8 types of washbowls, round shaped, rectangular shaped with very reduced thickness, thanks to the special paint and a particular material. 

Giogio Tartaro: - If you would predict the nearest future, which direction it will go? We’ve talked about thickness diminution, we’ve talked about new finishing…  

Andrea Galinucci: - Let’s say we are working on something, it is a very delicate matter, so we should pay attention not to put our cards on the table, this world is…  

Giogio Tartaro: - Working on! We are working on!

Andrea Galinucci: - We are working on something, we can say, innovation in details. This year we present 14 colours, so a palette of 14 colours is very innovative and in facts it have had a great success. 

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