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into the Bathtube: simple ideas for a perfect bath

There is nothing better than to come back home after a long hard and stressful day and immerse yourself into a hot bath with fragrant foam. Bath is the best idea to get guaranteed relax and feel yourself regenerated on physical and mental levels. 

You may transform the process of having a bath into not only an agreeable pastime, but in an unique moment of pleasure  just if pay attention to little but meaningful things.

The key is to involve all senses: a bath should bring enjoyment from all points of view. 

Olfaction. Perfumes are very important, we can make the bathroom smell with delicious fragrances, using natural aroma oils pour them directly in a water. Only 10-15 drops of your favourite essence are enough to create an atmosphere of complete relax, when you close your eyes and submerge into a hot water. 

Visual aspect. To have a perfect moment of relax is necessary the ambient delights your eye. Aesthetics should comply with the personal standards of beauty, according to personal tastes, highlighting the advantages of both minimal and  traditional styles ambient. The bathtube should be furnished with all necessary things you might be needed of, in a way to make an atmosphere that matches you perfectly

Colours are very important. If you prefer bright, vivid colours you may choose towels of appropriate tint, that will give a spirit of joy to the room, if you feel yourself better in minimal style bathroom, you may take classic white or gray colour. 

Auditive aspect. To please your ears you may accompany your bath with music, according to your tastes.  Wi-Fi may help you with this. Connect your mobile phone or laptop or tablet and you are able to change the playlist  being in a comfy atmosphere of your home-spa, dedicating time to yourself and to your relax only. 

When you are ready to put your body into the water be sure the temperature is ideal for you neither too hot, no too cold. It should be the temperature that permits you to get used to the water immediately, giving you the positive emotions and silky touch of a soft sweet-scented foam of your favourite brand.

Besides the water, there are some other items that may help you feel comfy and relaxed, for example little pillow. Put it under your neck and shoulders, giving rest to your neck muscles and soon you will feel an absolute relax in all your body. If we treat a bath like a home Spa, the other important thing to foresee is a little table to put on a glass of red wine and some light snacks, that may become an integral part of your rituals.   

Having a small table near the bathtube you can place everything what you need in order to create your paradise. This way all your five senses will be involved in emotion fresh serenity that can transport you elsewhere, far away from the rest of the world.

The bathroom therefore is an ideal place for everyone to find the peace, that is often neglected in everyday stress. 

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