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Keep your bathroom away from bad smells

To unclog a drain, periodically pour into a caustic soda and boiling water or sodium bicarbonate and vinegar followed by boiling water. Ultimate solution is absolutely ecological and don’t damage the drain tubes. If a drain has been completely clogged, it is suggested to connect a flexible tube to a pump, put it into a sewer and start pumping with compressed air. Basic method to keep hygiene in a bathroom is to clean sanitary ware frequently, as well as wall tiles and all other surfaces. 

For example, it is a must to clean lime scale traces in a bowl because its presence gives an impression that that bathroom is dirty. It is recommended to use natural products in order not to damage the sanitary ware.  A piece of advice: use coarse salt to cover the lime scale with a thick layer, and then pour boiling vinegar on it. 

For sanitary ware made of acryl (washing bowls and baths) better to use non-abrasive cleanser and a sponge. At any case it is absolutely forbidden to use alcohol, decalcifier and turpentine. On the metal surfaces apply a cleanser with a nylon brush, if the surface is rigid, it is possible to once over it with flint-paper and rinse with water. In the end, it is recommended to coat with some liquid polish.

It is important to look after a bathmat, that is normally used in a shower cabin or in a bath in order to prevent slipping when having shower. The traces of lime scale become more and more evident when the bathmat is rather old, and don’t stick to the sanitary anymore. To remove the glue remained on the surface, first of all open the windows, put on protecting glasses and gloves, and then using a brush lay on the surface the solvent containing methylen chloride. After some minutes remove using a palette-knife without making efforts. In the end, wipe with a sponge and rinse abundantly with water.

To clean a wall tile use detergent and a sponge sopping with water, or a solution of water and bleach. In both cases it is important to rinse well the surfaces.  For resistant dirt there is a suggest to use water and beach and then clean the surfaces with a brush. Very useful trick that may help with cleaning is to cover the tiles on the floor with wax on silicone base. This material is ideal to keep the pavement polished for better cleaning. In fact, the spots remain on the surface of silicone, and not on the surface of tiles. Once cleaned the tiles, coat with wax and let it dry for a couple of hours and then polish the surface. For white colour tiles mirror detergent is perfectly suitable. 

When a dirt accumulates between the tiles, here it is needed to prepare a mixture of water and potassium,  of water and natural detergent, of water and hydrochloric or water and beach. Protect yourself with gloves and clean the tiles with rough brush: move step by step, rinsing the surface with water. Piece of advice: in order not to let dirt and mold appear again, better cover the joints with transparent paint. 

If you use natural detergents, the bathroom will have a good smell, for example when cleaning the walls, humidify the cloth with some drops of tea tree oil or lemon extract. For very dirty spots, it is possible to use a mixture of water, vinegar and tea-tree oil. From the other side, the mix of water and sodium bicarbonate is ideal to absorb smells. Also, bicarbonate is a perfect weapon to fight against the molds.  But keep in mind that in all cases it is obligatory to control the resistance of the surfaces.

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