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Less standards and more creativity. Modern bathroom becomes more customized than ever.

Some time ago a bathroom was considered as purely functional, even if it was elegant and well-furnished. It had to be nice and reflect a style of a home and owners, but from practical point of view.

Today’s bathroom is an ambient to enjoy all around, relax and wellness coming out from multi functional shower heads, controlled lightning, aromas, music all this with a touch of luxury and extravagance.  

Main contemporary trend is customer oriented design. It means not only to have a bathroom according to one’s tastes and needs, but also reflect habits of the owner and augment his quality of life. 

Nowadays it is not rare to see a home SPA, with showers which wellness centers may envy, authentic sauna and hammam that offer a splendor comfort of Grand Hotel de lux room.

According to recent research, bathrooms are in top 3 among most remodeled home rooms in 2016.

Reconstruction of a bathroom not necessarily intend  pricy upgrades or complete overhaul of the space. Some nice-to-haves, like drawers that hold hair dryer and outlets to power them, vanities that are equal parts of furniture  pieces may be worked into existing designs. Even simple wall décor like stickers, accessories as mirror and spot lights are all considered as re-designing.

Where there’s demand, there’s supply 
The demand to remodel a bathroom is growing, and price grows either. For example, the expenses to remodel a master’s bathroom rose 12% in 2016. 

In 2015 about 42% of users have changed minimum a vanity or a toilet, compared to 39% in 2014. 
Bathrooms of 3 sq.m. may come in 22K euro, but even some years ago, complete reconstruction cost 10K euro. Of course, prices depend a lot on a type of works, furniture and sanitary ware, working hours of interior designer, plumber and builder, that continue growing from year to year. 

Linda Maglia, the owner of famous in the USA Studio Maglia, says: “Clients travel more, so they often compare what they want in their home to a spa or luxury hotel they have visited” 

Definitely augmented number of people who request a multi-jet shower and multi-functional as steam, music or chromo therapy effect lights: who would refuse to enjoy a personal SPA zone after a long working day?  

This trend is common in America and in Italy, where in past few years 37% of population decided to double the standard dimensions of their bathrooms, even scarifying the size in nearby rooms.  

A custom approach 
Bathrooms are taking new importance in the home, regardless of their size it can be amazingly designed. Typical look of a bathroom includes: toilet zone, vanity and a mirror, shower box or a bathtub. Even little sized rooms may become an authentic pearl of interior design, practical and comfortable. 

There was a period, when a bathroom supposed to have children’s dimensions, or to be adopted to their conditions,  pale colours, soft lines, no angles etc. Today the idea of furniture and kid’s design has changed a lot. Same as bedroom, a bathroom is predisposed to grow together with them, to keep an original look, but to be timeless. High quality materials and sanitary ware should be resistant, but keep the outer look.

Designers should know how to anticipate future needs, looking forward creating usable ambient, evergreen, and with minimal reconstruction should remain new and able to be in step with the times and technical evolution.  

A popular trend today is a barrier-free environment, that can also accommodate a wheel chair or a walker later on is eliminating the shower dam to offer unobstructed passage between bathroom floor and a shower floor. One of the options include wider showers, that leave space to eventual installation of a seat. Self-cleaning toilets and grab bars are also could be installed one day. 

Customers are interested in tub-to-shower transformation, searching for ideas of easier clearing, for example, lager-format tiles result in less grout in the installation and therefore can be easier to clean, because of less dirt in the joints. 

The prices are not always advantageous , but people when coming to designer or in a show room know already what do they want, and often have an alternative variant in head. 

Of course, the Internet as a source of information is used by everyone, core magazines and journals show various trends, stylistic alternatives, even low cost, suggesting brands and companies. In conclusion, a big bathroom became real must have! 


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