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Marble bathroom: ideas for renovation and design

Marble is precious and prestigious material particularly adapted for bathroom design. Renovating a marble bathroom is important to opt a proper solution that is able to accentuate its benefits and to be integral to an ambient, when marble furniture plays a key role. 

Marble: prestige and value 
Italian marble has always been a material of highest quality and value. It is demanded and exported in all over the world, appreciated by its top quality and unique characteristics. The most famous are Carrara marble, from Tuscany, and Botticino marble coming from quarries in province of Brescia. Marble is a rock, formed by natural minerals. The word “marble” derives from Greek “marmaros”, that means “crystalline rock, shining stone”. The beauty of marble is caused by its shiny look, that reflects light and creates an atmosphere of luxury and wealth. Marble is differentiated by its quality and colour. The most famous is Italian classic white marble in all its gradations, with black and gray veins, but there are many other types like black with white veins, red or rose coloured.  Marble has a unique character, every single block shows different patterns, that helps to make unrepeatable picture. This natural look makes marble outstanding material among a row of industrial products, identically perfect, similar one to another. 

Bathroom in marble: why? 
Marble is  frequently chosen as a material for a bathroom. Because of its resistance to water and humidity, it may be cleaned everyday without losing its splendid look . For this reason marble is used in ambient of everyday use and water compatible. For example in kitchen, marble work top became classic: it is not sensible to damages, it is not easy to scratch and it may be kept clean simply with water and other available detergent. 

Marble has been used in a bathroom design mostly as tiles for a floor or walls.  Marble tiles used in one room are made from one block in order to obtain and keep uniform color and pattern. Beside this, marble is created by nature, it is difficult to get uniform surface but little differences and variations augment value and prestige of  marble floors or walls decoration. Marble is used as bathroom vanity tops as well, they are very solid and resistant and may perfectly hold a weigh of a bowl and have a long life. 

Don’t get rid of marble when renovating your bathroom. 
If you have some details or décor made of marble in your bathroom, thinking about renovation don’t get rid of marble in favor of other materials. Marble floor or a piece of furniture made of real Italian marble have a great value and gives a look of splendor to your room. It is important by the way to choose a furniture set able to bring marble pieces into focus, the same time giving a fresh, modern touch to this luxurious and beautiful material. Ceramics for example is a first to combine with marble. Modern, bright and smooth, it fits perfectly to an ambient where marble is predominating, smoothening pomposity and emphasizing splendor and brilliant glow. A bathroom with marble pavement completed by ceramic sanitary were, simple white, but of high quality, may be considered as an example of pure elegancy and style. 

How to create a fansy combination of ceramics and marble in a bathroom. 
Marble may be taken for pavements, walls, external part of a bathtube, and used as a vanity top. The idea may be in alteration of ceramics and marble, like for example: marble floor and walls made of ceramic tiles, or vice versa. This solution is particularly indicated for little bathrooms, where excess of marble might create a negative optical effect of piling up. In combination with light, modern ceramic tiles marble may reveal its splendor the same time soften its heavy monumentality. 

Sanitary ware, bowls and other ceramic elements stay perfectly in harmony with decorations in marble. Colours should be chosen on the basis of specific tint of natural marble. It is impossible to be mistaken choosing white. Whether it would be white with black veins or gray, or perfectly white or black with light veins, white colour ceramic sanitary ware fits perfectly in any way. Colored sanitary ware may fit perfectly to an ambient with rose or red marbled floor, but the same time beige and rose or brown ceramics should be considered with much attention. 

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