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Piece of advice for your bathroom… of the future

Bathroom is one of the most important spaces in a house, but often it is taken for granted and projected in not a very functional way. As it happens to a kitchen, a bathroom often has very little space, this is because a room for a bathroom remains after all square meters of the house has been distributed between other rooms.  From the point of view of functionality and comfort, bathroom should be more spacious and light, especially when we are talking about numerous family members or people living together. Their needs may vary from person to person, from children to adults, from teenagers to elder persons, for all that categories of family members  bathroom should be comfortable place to stay. 

That’s why the bathroom of the future should be well organized and designed by a professional, so you may be sure that the result will meet your expectations and respect your needs. To augment the bathroom space it may be necessary to destroy the inner wall, or to do something with external one: the consequences is important to evaluate with high attention. 

The same time, bathroom shouldn’t be chaotic or in disorder: in contrary, it should be characterized by Zen, all objects are at their ideal place. In this picture, bathroom looks like a place where wooden materials are welcomed, pieces of furniture of pure lines, that organize the ambient in a very ergonomic way. The idea is to unite the beauty of design and functionality of everyday use, in order to provide coziness and comfort of the room.  Here minimalistic style in the bathroom looks neat and well-organized, with minimum décor or even without it. 

The idea of separation of the bathroom into zones, lies on beneath of the context of having two different ambient on one. Regarding the bathroom, it may be ”wet” zone and “dry” zone.  So-called wet zone includes washing basin,  bathtub or shower box, i.e. all elements in contact with water.  Separation into zones may be useful when the bathrooms is necessary for two people the same time. The same effect may achieve, not installing bathtub and a shower box in one room,  preferably to have spacious shower cabin, that may be used by two people. When the ambient is spacious there are a lot of possibilities to implement various items dedicated to wellness and home spa, as hammam, sauna, water jets etc. 

Ideas to augment the level of comfort generally lead to ergonomics of the ambient, in this aspect all centimeter of the room make maximum use. The same time all activities carried out in a bathroom could go better. For example, dividing a bathroom into zones, one may be left for guests, but you must be sure it is always clean. In bathrooms of great square meters, it is possible to construct even room into a room, it will make them autonomous and integral the same time. 

Before making decision, find more about possible variants of the bathroom design adopted to dimensions of the proper room space. When we are talking about reconstruction or restyling, here is always to valuate, to change construction elements or limit oneself by sanitary ware and furniture. As an example, wooden furniture and other natural materials looks gorgeous in total white style, or light colours like cream, milk, pallid blue: they attract attention because emerging from back. 

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