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Safety for Seniors in bathroom. Tips and advices.

The statistics declares that a bathroom is the most dangerous place at home. Bathtub, shower, wc, for the majority of the people, bathroom is a place to relax, for example having a hot bath, but in fact it may transform in a place of hidden danger especially for senior people

According to diverse researches, based on the data from the ambulance, among people over 65 years old the most often cause to call for an ambulance is a fall in a bathroom. The percentage of such domestic incidents grows when considering of people of about 85 years old. 

Well, the type of mischances happened in a home bathroom varies from the age to age: the data says there is almost no difference between young people and seniors in cases of dislocations and twists, but when it is a serious fracture, for an old person the possibility grows up to 30% to become a victim. In particular women suffer more, due to theirs muscles structure, that is in general more fragile. 

As it has been told above, the fall in general is a principal risk factor, regarding the seniors in particular, the experts detach three situations that cause the most of the accidents: the first is slipping on the floor with wet feet, but it should be noted, the more old person is, the less number of falls due to the mentioned reason, because an older person often being helped to wash themselves.

Then, frequently a fall happens in a moment of sitting down or getting up of a toilet, a very easy action, but for the people with difficulties to move it may result dangerous, if there is no rail to help themselves.

The third cause of falls, is getting up at night: in a lot of cases, the situation is being complicated by sleeping pills taken for better sleep, the seniors who get up at night have a high risk of home incedents.

Taking all this into consideration, it is good to know that there are lots of possibilities to reduce the risk, and provide for every eventuality: how to place the sanitary ware, furniture and electricity ware, as well as any additional appliances to install in order to secure the movements. 

Regarding the prevention, the first and the most important thing is to keep electricity far from the water, because the electricity itself may provoke incidents in a bathroom and unfortunately very serious ones. For this very reason, it is better to place washing machine far away from the bathtub and not to install heating boiler above it.

Also, water temperature control is mode to prevent incidents for senior people. With years, human skin becomes thin and thus, it is more exposed to burns in case of high water temperature.

To avoid a risk of falls during the night, it is recommended to install some security lights, the light even if it is dim, that leads to a bathroom or a toilet shouldn’t be belittled. For ones who is keen on technology, there are lamps with movement sensors, that guarantee sufficient illumination and energy saving.

The other safety elements are hand rails, mounted in strategic places of a bathroom: near WC, near the door, in a shower cabin or over a bathtub. Concerning the last one, instead of a traditional tub, it is highly recommended to install a shower cabin, where it is much more easier to get in, also don’t forget to put something to sit both in a shower and in a tube. The best solution anyway, is to install special sanitaries created for people with motor difficulties

To prevent slipping, there are lots of special carpets made of rubber or other materials to use in a shower cabins or bathtubs, or on the floor of a bathroom itself to feel oneself secure even with wet feet. 

The last moment to keep in mind is a door lock. The possibility to lock the door of course an important element of privacy, but in case of an incident, the door should be predisposed to opening it from outside, and giving a chance to step in and lend support.


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