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Take up defense of bathroom appearance

The idea of design bathroom is based on the perfect balance between functionality and beauty; the purpose is that this new space perfectly fits with the lifestyle and the needs of the people who live in there. 

Some years ago, when the concept of lifestyle and living started evolving, this idea of design bathroom was already used in interior design techniques causing a revolution in the criteria of designing houses. The bathroom has been one of the most involved spaces in this changing process.

Time goes over and people care more about beauty and wellness in the way they live their home: we went over functionality, dreaming about creative spaces. Modern bathrooms became the place where people can take care of body and wellness: a relaxing honeycomb where everything meets the need of who use it. This is the outcome of the use of bright areas, minimal lines and design fornitures made with extremely innovative and environmentally concious materials. Such as: special soft light lamps, open-space shower and suspended bathroom fixture.This kind of innovative fixture are more aesthetical rather than traditionals one, because they have a much modern design.

Traditional bathroom fixture, with those standard lines, are ok for each kind of bathroom: this is beacause people have always thought about bathroom as wc, not being as well-finished as the rest of the house. Now that bathrooms are considered as the same level of the whole hose, interior designers play their game creating and proposing always new fixture that can satisfy the taste of each person around the world. However, we have to consider that suspended fixtures are a design solution that adapts only to bathrooms with special requirements: for this reason we have to take into consideration above all technical features. For exemple, the wall in which we decide to add them must be at least 12cm thick for supporting fixtures' brackets. On the other hand, suspended fixtures need little space in the room because they are quite small (maximum they stick out 53-58cm). As a result, they are particularly suitable for small bathrooms because they can be placed in corners or behind the door.

Last but not least, the fact that they aren't fixed to the floor and don't have a silicone protection give a better visual impact and guarantee an easly and complete cleaning of the bathroom fixture and of the all room. 

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