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Teach kids about personal hygiene

Unfortunately, we know that little children tend to be distracted especially when they are bored. The first thing to do then is to make it fun! Here are some tricks! You could buy a ''special'' book to read together while your kid goes potty. You may also use food colours, put into a potty and then surprise your kid with ''special effects'' that will transform their pee into something magical and colorful. For the less patient and creative, it could be enough to buy one of those potty-chairs, which plays songs when baby sits. The latter solution is ideal especially when you want to make your children ''independent'' in making some stuffs. A potty that is practical to use and, at the same time, keep their company with the songs is perfect for this purpose. Just remember also to use diapers, in order not to let the little ones have any mishaps.

When children begin to use the potty on their own it is always exciting, but doing the needs alone is only a part of the story.  What about hygiene? Taught right away how to clean, make sure that they always have everything they need at fingertips. Soft and fluffy toilet paper, a stool to stand on to wash their hands, delicate liquid soap  and always clean towel. You're never too young to learn that hands should always be washed after a toilet, before coming to the table and even after playing, especially if there are pets in the house.

Brushing teeth is another important step in the world of personal hygiene that is necessary to teach children right away. Although at first they cannot do it by themselves, they have to get used to the proper way to do it when they grow up a bit . Brush your teeth with them and help them to brush. Make them understand that you have to use the toothbrush for no less than two minutes. To do this, you could use a timer or maybe start a song of that time whether you like your children. In fact, even the time to brush your teeth becomes easier if you make it fun. For example, it can help a lot to use a special toothpaste for children with a flavour they like.

Obviously it is a pleasure to be sure that the bathroom is always adequately cleaned and sanitized, and that our children will invariably find available everything they need, from toilet paper and wet wipes to soap and towel. 

Finally, we must always remember that the little ones learn from us! Looking at us, our children learn (or they don’t!) personal care and respect to others. When using the public toilets, show them the proper way to behave. Do not place anything on the ground, use paper toilet seat covers, wash and dry your hands, use the waste basket, flush the toilet and leave everything in order as you have found it.

Even if some rules that we talked about may seem trivial, for young kids they are not. We have to teach them at early age if later we want to see adults well-educated and capable to take care of themselves.

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