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The success of Italian ceramics in the World

During the last few years Italian ceramics booms in all the world around and this success  results in remarkable revenue growth of the companies, who produce machinery and equipment for ceramics production, the material that is resistant and multiuse, with numerous advantages for floor-and-wall tiling works, both for interior and exterior design. In the period of 2005-2015, the year when the balance sheet showed the most noticeable revenue for the ceramics division were 2015, and 2007.

A confirmation of continuous grow of the earnings could be that fact, that the balance of 2015 increased by 2,3% in respect to the year of 2007, and overall growth +8% has been registered, in 2014 the overall growth was +7%. The data  published by ACIMAC association (Association of Italian Manufactures  of Machinery and Equipment for Ceramics) says that by the end of 2015, it has been invoiced one billion and 982,8 million Euros.  

This outstanding making based on continuous demand for ceramic tiles. This material is one of the mostly used for wall and floor tiling works for interior and exterior design. Moreover, ceramic tiles nowadays commonly used not only for residential areas, but also in public places as shopping malls, supermarkets, offices, etc. This boom is easy to explain looking into catalogues of the companies producing incredibly widest choice of the tiles. In fact, the tiles are differentiated not only by the dimensions and shapes, but also by the designated use: the pavement tiles for outside should be more resistant and predisposed for  particular works. In this case they should be  frost-resistant, stand for high and low temperatures and for temperature drops, shouldn’t be slippery with water or humidity and not discolour in the sunlight. The ceramic tiles used for residential areas shouldn’t be porous in order not to absorb dirt, should be shockproof, resistant to the mechanic impacts and the same time should have an elegant look.

The other factor, that determines the success of Italian ceramics is a possibility to satisfy all the tastes and needs whatever  they are. For example, for the home designed in industrial or modern style it is advised to use the tiles of a big dimension, in order to give a special look of metal plates, the tiles may arrive to the size of 60x120 cm. The same time there is great choice of textures, colours, tints, and surface decorations. Then, there are single fried tiles and  double fried tiles, ceramic granite tiles, each of those treatments enables different final results.  Enameled surface may reproduce not only various existing colours, but also reprint  the surfaces of other materials like wood, stone, marble and others.  

The second aspect, that made revenue growing and success of Italian ceramics in the World is the export to the other counties. It is clear that this material is used for numerous products. To have an idea you may simply visit our website  to see the various types of ceramics we use to produce our  sanitary ware: toilets, bidet, bath tubes, shower plates, washbasins of diverse models and styles

The export of Italian ceramics in the World has been registered in growth of  9,1%, thanks to general demand growth of 6,1%. In particular, this material is highly appreciated in Asia, so the export augmented by 29,3% in 2014, in total this market gave 278 million Euros gain. Among all the products, the mostly popular are ceramic tiles, sanitary ware and bricks. The other branch resulted in revenue growth is represented by European Union,  where the sales increased by 22,6% and resulted in 277,3 million Euros profit in respect to previous 226,2 millions. Northern Africa remains in the list of the main markets, the balance resulted in 203,8 million Euros turnover (+22,8% regarding 2014). The only negative trend has been seen in Middle East where diagram curve 25,1% goes down, and resulted  in 186,6 millions Euros only. But in the beginning of 2016, after a drop of the first quarter, a remarkable recovery has been noticed.  

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