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Top ways to reduce water use

Hot bath, perfumed and relaxing is a luxury. It should be a luxury. Hot bath should be a minor privilege, a gift that one can make to himself from time to time, not a habitude. Figures and calculations are not just a theory. One bath contains more or less 100 liters of water. Of very expensive water.

Having a shower, you may use double less, but as soon as you turned off a tap while soaping your body or hair  you save even more water. Relaxing five-minutes shower consumes 50 liters of water, but even some minutes more will not bring you to the numbers that hot bath may do. Having thought about, why not to reserve a hot bath ritual for special moments?

Among benefits is not only environment but also our sageness of how much water is needed for other people on Earth. The responsibility of water use is not only the matter of  “take a shower, not bath”, it is also about housekeeping in order to reach the purpose.

Water efficient taps, easy to turn off and on, when washing your face or  hands with a soap or cleaning your teeth; tap aerators which reduce the water volume by mixing it with air; keep an eye on tap gaskets efficiency, because even small drops of water in time may lead to significant water consumption; dual flush toilets. Taking into use all those tips  everyone may help to reduce water wastes and take care of a our planet and, of no less importance is the fact that it let us pay less the water bills.

There are companies that put an accent on protection of environment in their production system and their products. The brands who concerned about sustainability and projection of more efficient and less contaminating systems, with the products that not only satisfy clients, but teach them to be responsible and to be themselves as they are.  

Here, in Ceramica Globo, we  have chosen to follow towards finding eco-friendly solutions, to meet the necessity to protect nature with respect to contemporary persons needs.

Solutions that combine  efficiency savings without sacrificing a pleasure of using the product. Dual flush toilets of Ceramica Globo has been designed to use 4,5 liters/3 liters, unlike most of competitors use  6/4. A tangible progress.

Baths, bowls, shower plates, toilets: Ceramica Globo products are of high quality and design, and even on the phase of designing we are thinking of how our activity may cause on environment.

Our company voluntary joined  Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004. This is an international standard, the companies who joined it  formally agree to produce in the most possible eco – sustainable way, limiting emissions, using profitable energy sources, and paying attention to wastes disposal.   

In Ceramica Globo we do our best to help you to be eco-friendly without too much to sacrifice. We give you the means, you have to use it properly and thus, make the world a better place.

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