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Trend & ideas of bathroom furniture and design in 2017

Tendency in the world of bathroom furniture in 2017/18 brings a fresh breath of pastel colours, pure lines and high technologies in order to create an atmosphere of refined design with a light touch of Italian tradition. 

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Every year famous designers create something new, the styles are different but basis is the one: light colours that give a fresh look and sense of cleanness that were on top also in previous years, space optimization in a simple and functional way, the same time practical and elegant, comeback of natural materials and presence of Nature itself in the form of plants and flowers, elegant contemporaneity and simplicity

Domination of natural materials, fabricated by new advanced technologies make them more resistant and easier to operate widely used for all bathroom furniture and accessories. Everything’s created to bring dynamism, sense of wellness and order, but the same time lightheartedness and carelessness. Natural materials mixed up with modern ones, as stone and rattan combined with synthetic and extremely technological materials, make an unexpectedly astonishing effect.

Among trends and ideas of bathroom design in 2017/2018 it worth to note, a renaissance of clay, ceramics; washbasins, bathtubs made of ceramic tiles at the cutting edge of extraordinary fusion of contemporary and traditional. 

Another wing of  new trends is to use only one material both on the floor and on the walls of a bathroom, often also for washing bowls, bathtubs. This effect underlines an integrity and intensity of an ambient, especially in a small size bathrooms. Mirrors, and other tricks as combination of shower puffs & loofah with ambient colours gives a feeling of order and entirety. 

Aspect of nature, was obtained thanks to idea of plants and flowers exposed in a bathroom, the tendency typical for 1950-60th, nowadays allows to make a very scenographical and stylish design. The trend to see a bathroom as a real oasis is embodied in pieces of furniture made of natural materials of typical colours that remind of a forest, and decoration by naturally occurring plants and flowers. 

Triumph of pastel colours from the one side, and from the other side there is a popular stand-offish dark ardesia colour, mixed up with wood, for example, to instill luxurious tones similar to SPA ambient. 

Gray colour remains as a protagonist in all of its scents. As a neutral colour it is will be out of fashion. Gray is a colour that easily combines with other ones, and harmonize with all materials, it is a safe choice for furnished apartment for rent. 

Pastel colours green, blue, rose, crème remind the colours popular in 1950th. Shape of ceramic tiles have the same record, typical for that period: octagonal, hexagonal and pentagonal tiles have a very contemporary aspect. Not only in colour aspect, but also decorations and geometrical forms on contrast of pastel colour or gray background. 

Back to the past for a faucet garniture and other bathroom accessories, mainly in brass, but of extremely modern shape and pure lines. Stainless or brushed steel  is  not out of fashion and keeps to be in trend also in 2017/2018 in bathroom furniture world. 

Among trends and ideas of bathroom furniture and design 2017/2018 another hero is marble, particularly a white marble, luminous and very elegant. This material of great resistance and luster qualities, the synonym of luxury and excellence, used for floor and wall covering, while for sanitary ware as washing bowls and toilets mainly used imitation marble, that is also very resistant and precious. Marble may play solo in bathroom design, but also may be presented only in minor details, in combination with valuable woods species

Bathroom furniture design 2017/2018 offers functionality and design also to small size bathrooms, thanks to sanitary ware of smaller dimensions, meantime of same high level of comfort.  

Heated towel rails and warmers this year have undulate lines or square-shaped lines, but always pure and of industrial impact, that don’t draw attention from sanitary ware or floor wall covering. 

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