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Wallpaper ideas for your bathroom

Wallpaper is an element of design that gives personality and style and any room in your home. This is an additional value that allows to personalize your home according to your own tastes and furniture: classic wallpaper design, monochrome, floral print… there are hundreds of  thousands of wall covering variants that give a space to flight of imagination and creativity. When talking about wallpaper for a bedroom, or a living room or a hall, there are no particular issues, normally we got used to see wallpaper there. But what about a bathroom? Those who once tried to cover walls with paper know very well about traps and pitfalls like air balls, or a pieces of paper on the floor the day after, faded colours after some time and lots of other troubles.

All that doesn’t mean that wallpaper in a bathroom is a wrong choice. Here we are talking about a décor that will make it possible to enjoy even more a mostly used room in home. When a bathroom looks anonymous, cold and inhospitable we are not able to enjoy moments of relax when we are having a shower, or putting on a make- up, we  do it rapidly and briskly.  And when a bathroom is inviting, cosy and comfortable ambient we are ready to forget about time rush and fall into wellness and home SPA. To reach this feeling a lot of elements should be put together: stylish sanitary were and furniture according to our tastes, textile and wall décor, lights and colours all should be in harmony to reveal our emotions, sense of peace and balance. Wallpaper plays a very significant role in creating such kind of atmosphere

Decorating a bathroom with wallpaper needs a very serious background, considering about practical and aesthetical sides. The first thing to think about is a style. It would be ridiculous to take bright pink colour when interior scene perfectly fits with noble gray. Wallpaper tint should be suitable to furniture in order to create a pleasant look of an ambient and to be in line with illumination. 

The question to ask to yourself is simple and the same time thorny: what do I want a sophisticated stylish room or pretty and comfortable? You are attracted by elegancy and refinement or focused on vivacity? Sober colours or bright tones? Simplicity or fantasy? And, will the bathroom be used by guests as well or it will be for personal use only, so it is possible live out any even the most ambitious dream?  Answers may be translated into a guide line that will facilitate the choice of wallpaper in a moment of purchase.

Besides aesthetic aspects, we should think about a practical use, for example how spacious is the room, what kind of material the walls are made of (bricks, tiles, wood). And the most important thing to keep in mind is sustainability of wallpaper. In a bathroom it must be able to resist humidity and heat. Don’t hesitate to ask an expert to help you to make a right choice and thus, to avoid a rude awakening later. A professional will definitely know how to lead a client, offering vinyl wall covering or a textile ones according to a different  context.  Covering the walls with paper correctly may reveal its advantages, and ability to hide imperfections of the wall surface is one of them, besides mentioned above personalized design or vividness of décor. 

How many variants of disposition of wallpaper in a bathroom? Who may answer this question. You may cover entire bathroom, or one wall only, or combine wallpaper and tiles, or cover only a bottom part of the wall, or vice versa, cover only top, or….Hundreds of variants.  Like decoration of  a window, a bathroom door, a mirror in a combination with other elements of design etc., wallpaper in a bathroom can really transform  it into adorable, charming and inviting ambient.

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