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Whitening of an old bathtub

Everyday routine is often being characterized by series of activities that steal hours a day, between work, family, home and sport, co-involving body and brains. Often, in the evening, we may feel a real necessity in at least a moment to dedicate ourselves, a moment of peace and tranquility, to release from accumulated stress and recharge the energy to face new busy days. 

A warm bath is what we need to relax! But it happens when opening a bathroom door we find another stress instead of peacefulness… rust and yellow stains and limestone scale are everywhere! Besides all your attempts to remove these disgusting spots they continue coming back!  Before you go into a desperation or run in a nearest supermarket to buy new-super- powerful-detergent, that in reality is the same you have already tried unsuccessfully, have a deep breath and think of a solution even more simple as it may seem!


Simple treatments to make your bathtub white again

Unfortunately, everyone knows that with the time yellow-brownish stains reveal on bathtub enamel surface , caused by lime scale, continuous contact with aggressive detergents that in course of time make the surface opaque, bringing hateful stains
To bring back your bathtub’s youth you will need a little patience and some products of everyday use that most of us have in the kitchen: 

1. Liquid dish detergent 

2. Vinegar

3.  Sodium bicarbonate

Mixing all ingredients together in small dosages proportionally you will get a kind of paste. All you need is to put it on a bathtub surface and rub with a sponge. Leave it to react for about twenty minutes and rinse with hot water. The result will surprise you – rusty sports will vanish!  


Win your battle against lime scale 

A lime scale is a problem known to all of us. Earth water is easy to leave white traces on sanitary ware and we got used to the fact that it is hard to make it away. Among all detergents and anti-lime scale chemical products, there is a traditional method used by our grandmas, and it works! Two simple ingredients needed: 

1. Hot water

2. Wine vinegar

Mix vinegar and hot water proportionally and apply on a zone touched by a lime scale. Leave it to react for ten minutes or so, then rinse with hot water. For inclined surfaces use a cloth watered in vinegar and  put it on an interested zone. Be sure, this time you’ll win this battle! 


What to do to get rust off?

Usually, the problem of rust appears on old cast iron bathtubs. Even to handle this not very simple problem there is a simple hand-made solution:  

1. Lemon juice

2. Borax

3. Scourer

Take ingredients proportionally, about half a glass each, apply on a rusty stain and rub with a scourer, then leave for ten minutes for reaction. Rub gently, otherwise enamel will be damaged! After this simple and easy to make treatment you’ll see your bathtub comes back splendid and newly beautiful. 


How to prevent stains on bathtub surface 

Well, to prevent stains and spots easier then to get rid of them. The best way to avoid lime scale and rust to damage your bathtub is to rinse it with hot water after every usage in order to not allow dirt stack, or simply dry the surface every time after you have taken a bath using microfiber cloth and eliminate all water drops. 

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