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Windowless bathroom: how to improve ventilation

Bathroom is one of the rooms in our home which we pay more attention, due to its intimacy, this is the room where we look for a peace and complete relax. We are dreaming of hot bath after a long working day : who would say no to a warm, comfy and perfumed atmosphere of an own bathroom. Unfortunately it is not always like that, especially if we are talking about non ventilated bathrooms, or in another words windowless bathrooms. A bathroom where there is no window suffers humidity excess, bad smells and lack of ventilation, all factors that easily lead to mold growth and humidity stains. So, what can we do to improve ventilation in our bathroom? There are two ways to do: to bring some ventilation somehow or, to fight against humidity and bacteria in windowless bathroom. Let’s have a look together. 

Windowless bathroom: what are the issues 

Like it was told before, the biggest issue that windowless bathroom has is a lack of ventilation, meaning no possibility at all to air circulation process. The situation generally complicated because of  small dimensions of a bathroom. Air quality is very important when it comes to all aspects of  one’s households, and the bathroom is no exception. Stale air, humidity, molds influence a series of consequences not only on aesthetical level, but gravely affect our health. Mold particularly, is one of the most serious enemy. If we do not stop the problem at the beginning, we create ourselves favorable conditions for further bacteria and molds growth in our bathroom. What shall we do? Surely we shouldn’t give up, but try to transform our bathroom in a healthy, beautiful and comfortable ambient. 

Windowless bathroom, aeration methods

Well, the strategy is to allow air circulation in every possible way, to take used air out and to bring fresh air in. So, simply leave the bathroom door open at least one hour a day, that will allow even minimum air change.  Then, use all possible technical inventions to reduce mold growth and high amount of humidity formation, starting from a proper wall paint type. The wall paint should be on water basis, easy to clean and designed for an ambient with rapid temperature changes and predisposed for a humidity. There are mechanical systems to ventilate windowless rooms, very effective and simple, able to prevent condensation and humidity even if there is no font of fresh air, like in windowless bathroom.   

Natural and mechanical ventilation in windowless bathroom  

To guarantee air circulation it is necessary to preview the ways to improve ventilation process in windowless bathroom. Let’s talk about different ventilation systems, natural or mechanical. Natural ventilation system is based on convection air movement, easily speaking ventilation is created by the difference in temperatures between air inside and outside of a bathroom, similar when we open a window in a car, and conditioning system is off. In this case we should install special grills for aeration in a way, that fresh air may enter in a bathroom, and used air from inside may go out.  Generally, suction grills are to be installed in the bottom to enter a fresh air in, and on the top, to let a warm air out. Natural system is rather simple and the same time provide an opportunity to keep our bathroom dry and clean. Mechanical ventilation is based on a process of extraction of inner air by means of quite complex system. So, no need to keep a bathroom door open in order to maintain air access, and the same time the system provides fresh and clean air. In general, this system is connected to a switcher with timer, so we can easily adjust its on/off mode.

Modern and innovative solutions not only guarantee correct air circulation process, but also use heat energy, avoiding heat loss, so to have a energy saving effect, in an ambient that needs to be heated in a particular mode. There are also systems of mechanical ventilation activated by humidity sensors, ventilation is on when a humidity index go above a set up level. 

Lots of efficient and innovative solutions allow to live with windowless bathroom without any problem. Weather we talk about reconstruction or a first realization, it is always better to obtain all information we might need to live our house and our bathroom a full life. Regarding a bathroom, it is not enough to choose a sanitary ware and furniture we like most,  also we should think of health issues, that influence our life conditions. 

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