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Take up defense of bathroom appearance

Beauty is an important factor of the forniture design usability. Although people emphasize the importance of functionality of spaces compared to aesthetical appearance, we can't forget that beauty has its importance. Obviously, products have to be functioning and not useless in order to make positive emotions grown into people that use them. In effect, a good appearance gives always a positive impression, adds value and connects the positive experience with advantageous feeling.

Star Jones

One day I actually took the list into the bathroom and I put it up against my face and looked in the mirror? and I realized I had one of two choices, change the list or change myself. - Star Jones



Keep your bathroom away from bad smells

Bathroom is an ambient where bad smells easily find location, the smells caused not only by the inhabitants of the house, but also by molds, non-perfect sanitary sewer system or high humidity. Therefore, to keep bathroom clean and odorous it is necessary to follow some basic rules. The first thing to do is to remove the font of foul smell, consequently, it is needed to rub off the molds from the walls, clean sewer system better and facilitate air circulation, in order to prevent humidity in the room.

Teach kids about personal hygiene

All we are know the toilet is the place where the various germs lurk. It is true referring not only to the public toilets, like those of schools and offices, but also to ones at home, that we and our children use daily. Attention dedicated to personal hygiene shouldn’t be never underestimated. It is great if kids from very small, learn few simple rules to follow when they use the bathroom!

Bathroom: the perfect place to read.

Well, there will be few people to admit that bathroom is an optimal place to read a book. By contrast, a web portal Libreriamo has conducted a poll among 1500 readers, from the age of 18 to 65 years old.

Bathroom design: the new anti-trends!

When a client thinking of an acquisition of future house he pays much attention to a bathroom. It may seem bizarre, but this room may influence on a choice of a potential buyer, weight down the balance towards “Yes” or “No”. 

Marble bathroom: ideas for renovation and design

Marble is precious and prestigious material particularly adapted for bathroom design. Renovating a marble bathroom is important to opt a proper solution that is able to accentuate its benefits and to be integral to an ambient, when marble furniture plays a key role. 

Floor level shower : all what you need to know

Elegant, light and spacious a floor level shower in a very short period became a must have in present days bathroom planning. Minimal or deluxe, hidden or open space floor level shower is a solution for those who looks for a functionality that stays hand by hand with exclusive and contemporary design. 

Windowless bathroom: how to improve ventilation

Bathroom is one of the rooms in our home which we pay more attention, due to its intimacy, this is the room where we look for a peace and complete relax. We are dreaming of hot bath after a long working day : who would say no to a warm, comfy and perfumed atmosphere of an own bathroom. Unfortunately it is not always like that, especially if we are talking about non ventilated bathrooms, or in another words windowless bathrooms. A bathroom where there is no window suffers humidity excess, bad smells and lack of ventilation, all factors that easily lead to mold growth and humidity stains. So, what can we do to improve ventilation in our bathroom? There are two ways to do: to bring some ventilation somehow or, to fight against humidity and bacteria in windowless bathroom. Let’s have a look together. 


Design and Technology in Modern Bathrooms

In modern bathrooms technology and design goes hand in hand. This is confirmed by several brands on the market, so, if what you want is a smart bathroom with a visual impact, all you have to do is to choose the solution that best suits your needs. What matters is to do it with taste, keeping in mind the style of the other rooms of your home and avoiding risky combinations: it is not necessary to renounce the beauty to have a comfortable and technological home. Let's focus on the new design technologies that the market makes available to furnish a bathroom using a practical and modern style.


How to get the most of natural and artificial lighting in a bathroom

One of the things that is very important in home interior design is illumination. The bathroom is one of the most difficult environments to light both because of type of lights to choose and because of its position in a house. It should also be noted that the bathroom can have natural lighting that if possible, must be used to its full potential.

Baby-size bathroom

Around the age of 2 years, for a baby comes the inevitable moment to pass from a diaper to a potty or to wc right away. So, it is necessary to foresee number of things in order to help him or her to manage all natural needs by themselves. What is very important, in other words the first thing should parents do is to eliminate all danger that your child might meet in a bathroom and then, put some additional accessories for child’s use. If you plan to reconstruct the bathroom completely, you may install sanitary ware of roundish shape, and thus forget worries of angles that your baby may be hurt by. If you don’t have such an intention then you may find this article useful.

Bathroom accessories & ideas

When we are thinking of renovating a bathroom, we do not just take first available accessories and that’s all done. In fact, a bathroom, being an ambient where we take care of ourselves, needs to be carefully furnished. If renovation means simple sanitary ware replacement keeping all piping line untouched, even in this situation we still may have a bathroom of interesting design. The only thing to keep in mind is the bathroom should be in line with all the rest of the house and furnished with modern and technological accessories.