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TAG: children

Teach kids about personal hygiene

All we are know the toilet is the place where the various germs lurk. It is true referring not only to the public toilets, like those of schools and offices, but also to ones at home, that we and our children use daily. Attention dedicated to personal hygiene shouldn’t be never underestimated. It is great if kids from very small, learn few simple rules to follow when they use the bathroom!

Baby-size bathroom

Around the age of 2 years, for a baby comes the inevitable moment to pass from a diaper to a potty or to wc right away. So, it is necessary to foresee number of things in order to help him or her to manage all natural needs by themselves. What is very important, in other words the first thing should parents do is to eliminate all danger that your child might meet in a bathroom and then, put some additional accessories for child’s use. If you plan to reconstruct the bathroom completely, you may install sanitary ware of roundish shape, and thus forget worries of angles that your baby may be hurt by. If you don’t have such an intention then you may find this article useful.